Marta No More For Sol?

That’s according to blogger Jen Striker, citing a Swedish Web site.

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  • Ben

    Ah well maybe the Sol won’t do a G’s mistake and put all their money/chance/hope into 1 player, even if she probably is the worlds best female player atm unlike the English guy.

    I’ve not been really a big fan of ladies soccer before, but I’m looking forward to the WPS. Would be cool if they could combine MLS and WPS games as double headers sometimes to boost each other’s attendance maybe…

    ATM I like the Washington Freedom Logo the best and Cat Whitehill is cute as well šŸ˜€

  • bz

    In Sweden, is she getting anything close to what the Sol were offering? It sounds like her ego needs a kick in the pants. Let her play second tier soccer for a second tier salary for a while. Either she will come around to what the league here can pay her or she will eventually become a second tier player.