Sigi Leaves Crew

As expected. Details.

Updated 8:55 a.m. Wednesday


And I heard from Sigi in an e-mail that backs up the Dispatch story: “I am on hold as to signing a new contract with anyone else,” he wrote.

More later.

Updated: 1:15 p.m. Wednesday
MLS officials declined comment today on the tampering allegations the Crew has reportedly filed against the Sounders over unauthorized contact with Schmid.

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  • bz

    “Schmid …. lamented the difficulty of travel to and from Southern California, where his family, including his wife, Valerie, still reside.”

    Wow… Galaxy could have had a chance to get him back if only they had waited a little bit to get a new coach. Well…I guess that would be ifffff Schmid would be willing to come back to the Galaxy.

  • RC

    No way would Sigi coach for the Gals with the same ownership group in place… if anything, he’d probably coach the Goats, just to get the chance to beat the Gals into the ground and make Uncle Phil and the rest at AEG look like the clueless clowns they are & have to watch him on a weekly basis at the HDC. (Remember, Anschutz is the guy who used Lalas to “clean up” organizations… and fired his coach (Sigi) when the team was in first place, w/ just one off year after 3 of winning some serious silverware.)