A Few Words With Top Galaxy Draft Pick Omar Gonzalez

A prophetic statement by Omar Gonzalez’ college coach on his Maryland player profile at the start of the 2008 season came true and the huge central defender was made the Galaxy’s top draft choice.

Born and raised in Dallas, Gonzalez learned just a couple of days before the draft that the Galaxy were interested in him.

I spoke with Gonzalez (briefly) Monday after his first day of practice with the team:

Question: How was your first day as a professional?
Answer: Coming out here from East Coast and the cold weather to the nice warm weather, it takes a beating on you. I think the first morning session went pretty well. I struggled a little bit with the quickness of play, but I’m sure I will bounce back really quick and hopefully within the next week I’ll be at my best.”

Q: Some critics raised concerns before the draft about your mobility and quickness given your size. How do you respond to that?
A: I’ve really just got to go on the field and show them I can be agile and be quick on my feet, which I believe I am. So I just have to go in day in day out and show them what I’m made of.

Q: Given the Galaxy’s well-documented problems at central defense, Coach Bruce Arena has already apparently penciled you in at that position. What’s your reaction to that?
A: I’m really happy he has me in his mind to go in right away and start. There’s a lot of good players here, so I’ve just to fight for my position and really show them I can play and I’m ready to play against most elite players out there.

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  • Ben

    Thanks, Galaxy news always appreciated Nick.

    Fingers crossed he will have a “Franklin”esque rookie year…