Tuesday’s Column: Arena’s Galaxy Rebuilding Job so Far & Will Beckham Leave?

Given that Galaxy Coach Bruce Arena is exactly halfway chewing through the roster he inherited, it seemed a good time – a few days into preseason camp – to address the changes he’s made so far.

Read the column here.

As you can tell by the tone of the piece, I remain unconvinced. Still, it’s early in preseason, there are some big questions yet to be answered and time is still on Arena’s side.

There are some bright spots.

For one, Arena sounds more impressed with David Beckham’s form over in Italy than I am. Check out this quote from Monday that didn’t make it into the column (and Arena also inadvertently answers the question many of us were asking toward the end of last season – is Becks injured?):

“I’m happy to see he’s moving forward. He struggled with injuries over the last three months of our season. I’m happy to see he’s getting back in form, his fitness is improving and certainly his touch on the ball has gotten better. I think he’s fully comfortable now and that’s a real plus.”

Certainly it is for AC Milan; it remains to be seen whether that’s true of the Galaxy, too.

And as if on cue (guess they were listening to Arena), this morning AC Milan officials said they want to formally negotiate with the Galaxy over signing Beckham for good.

What do you think of Arena’s rebuilding job so far? Is he on the right track? Could this team survive the loss of Landon Donovan and/or David Beckham?

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  • Justin

    I think we will be fine with out them both, I would much rather keep Landon than Becks, and I am not a Beckham hater I just do not think he helped our team that much and feel we would be better off building our team with youth and speed. I love all four of the draft picks this year, and hope that they all make the team. That will mean a couple guys from last years draft will have to be dropped but Ely Allen falls over his own feet and Gavin, well, never really got to see him. If they are both sold that is extra money for the team and we could get some nice play makers. Just my take on it.

  • Ben

    I’d say Bruce & Co tried to sort the biggest issues.

    New Goalkeeper: (Ricketts)
    Centerbacks: (Gonzalez – maybe Bautista), Defensive Midfielder (Kovalenko)
    Depth (Miglioranzi, Macgee, Kirovski)
    Youth (Drafties)

    I’m happy some of them are “MLS proven” players, a known quantity/qualiy if you like, specially Kovalenko.

    Obviously as pointed out, we can’t be sure if they will be successful or just a Dominguez 2.0.

    Maybe it’s already a bit “planning” for a life after Donovan/Becks as well…

    What is clear:
    Donovan wants to go to Bayern and they want him – lets hope MLS/G’s are given a good offer which they can accept from Bayern.

    Becks looks likely to want to stay with Milan as well, if that’s true and MLS/G’s again get an offer they can live with – go for it.

    Most of the effect Beckham had for MLS won’t go away, even if he leaves, obviously they’d miss the attendance bump, merchandise sales and bigname.

    They’d get money for a player that came “for free” and they could agree to some sort of future revenue % or whatever with Becks/Milan, friendly games or the likes to make up for the loss.

    Sporting-wise Donovan missing goals/assists and runs will be the tougher loss to compensate.

    In anyway if they go it frees up cap space (LD 325/DB 415k) senior roster spots and in Beckhams case even a DP spot which could be used again…

  • bz

    Well he has signed some utility players and if either Donovan or Beckham leave that will open up a bunch of salary cap. If he can use that cap to sign good players the team should do well. If both leave then he will need a star and a couple good players.

    I think getting Eddie Lewis was a sign of good time to come. He is the kind of player that you need in MLS. Now let’s see if Bruce can keep that up.

  • Ronny

    Becks is staying. Landon on the other hand is as good as gone. I wish him the best,

    P.S. Hey Nick, i see you have links to the Galaxians and LARS and even the Union Ultras. But i see no love being shown to L.A.’s Newest and hippest supporter group The ACB. 🙂 Section 121.


  • Joseph D’Hippolito

    Why would Beckham want to come back to a Galaxy team thats definitely in transition, that doesnt have the quality of players hes used to and, most importantly, that he has lost respect for (Arena said toward the end of last year that the club had no leadership, an indictment of Beckham, Donovan and Klein). Do you really think that if Beckham had any respect for the Galaxy or MLS that he (through his representatives) would negotiate *directly* w/Milan for his loan and for his possible outright transfer?

    This falls right at the feet of Leiweke and Anschutz. Leiweke is the kind of man who will intimidate, throw people under the bus and apply unreasonable, suffocating pressure to get what he wants, and Anschutz lets him get away with it. Morale is abysmal at the Galaxy; that’s a big reason why Beckham and Donovan want out.

    If Beckham and Donovan leave, Leiweke should be fired. Getting Beckham was his idea and, outside of jersey sales, he blew it big time.