Becks Trade Talks & Kobe Bryant, Barcelona Fan

As AC Milan heads to Scotland today for a friendly with Glasgow Rangers where a crowd of 40,000 is expected at Ibrox, David Beckham’s lawyers are allegedly in talks with the Galaxy to secure his release either by extending his loan or buying him outright. Can we get this over with one way or another already?

More on the game is here.

i-a4df5fbc523995f85b951a62a2a7d686-get_image.jpgMeanwhile, this is likely the only way soccer is ever going to get on the cover of ESPN: The Magazine.

It’s on sale now, BTW.

Check out the video:

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  • Anon

    The press repeatedly talks about this as a negotiation with the Galaxy. Wouldn’t MLS have to be involved if we actually sold his rights to AC Milan? Could they do that even if Arena wanted to keep him with the Galaxy for the season? Who has the final say? If he is sold, what would “get” since the money would be the league’s money? The $400k salary slot? The DP player slot? Allocation money (how much of the sale)? Or some combination?

    Nick replies: The league technically holds all player contracts. In reality though, the Galaxy, not the league, has the final say over player trades and acquisitions (although in this case it’s Beckham and his reps with the upper hand, not the Galaxy, frankly). MLS wouldn’t overrule the Galaxy and sell his rights if Arena wanted to retain him. The Galaxy would supposedly get any cash from the deal (although MLS gets a cut, I believe) and could fill his slot with another DP if he is sold (and perhaps loaned).

  • Evan

    Nick, IIRC, the 2002 World Cup squad was on the cover of ESPN Magazine.


    Nick replies: I know, I was being sarcastic about ESPN’s general lack of soccer coverage period. The fact you cited a seven (!) year old cover only backs that up.

  • Joseph D’Hippolito

    Nick, if MLS and AEG had any guts, they would sue Beckham for breach of contract. The problem is that both entities are too greedy to do that. I don’t think they know what to do. If Beckham stays, he will have to put up with Leiweke’s neurotic mind games, which will motivate him to leave on a free transfer after the 2009 season because he has an escape clause in his contract that he can activate after this year. If Beckham goes, MLS and AEG might (and I stress “might”) receive a nice transfer fee but will lose millions that Beckham would have brought from attendance, sponsorships, other areas — and lose a lot of credibility because MLS tied its future to Beckham’s ability to attract fans and overseas players.

    Once again, this lies at Leiweke’s doorstep. The man should be fired. He should have been fired a long time ago just because he destroyed the Kings and bolloxed up the Red Bull stadium deal. But the Galaxy is supposed to be AEG’s jewel; Leiweke turned it into a suppository.

  • Inigo Montoya

    This is like watching the Dodgers-Manny dance. Huge and consequential for the club. If they don’t sign, hugely destructive: the delay has kept the team from using the money to sign replacements.

    Anyway, the likely departure of Donovan will be more consequential to the team’s on-field performance than the possible departure of Beckham.

    The Galaxy have begun the transition to the post-Donovan, post-Beckham era. Even if both of them stay this year, they’ll miss a lot of games for World Cup qualifying, etc., and the Galaxy will mostly succeed or fail without them.

  • Hey guys,

    Cool blog. One of my mates sent me your link. Anyway, with regards to the Prince of Football. I’m pretty sure FIFA has a clause that stipulates if a player wishes to be traded or is not content with the current team, they have to honor that and allow him to talk to another club. WIth that said, Arena and the Galaxy obviously don’t want to let him go. Unfortunately, in this case the player happens to be Beckham, who will have the final say.

    In regards to the ESPN video of Kobe. They still got the jersey wrong on Ronny. When KB talked about him, they showed a picture of Gaucho in his Barca jersey. Sorry, I’m just a perfectionist. :).