• Nell

    I’ve got to disagree with one of your statements, saying he didn’t have anyone of talent to finish off his trademark crosses. First of all, Becks played with 2 of the 3 leading scorers in MLS this year. So there was some scoring talent on that team. Second, his trademark crosses absolutely sucked for the majority of the season. As did his free kicks.

    That’s what really bothers me, seeing him score that free kick vs. Genoa (I think it was) – when did he ever attempt such a kick in MLS? Certainly not this year. Not to mention one of the goals he scored over in Milan off of a nice pass from Seedorf. I seem to recall the EXACT same play in MLS, with a perfect pass to Becks in the same place on the field, and he elected to float a ball to the far post for someone else to try to finish rather than take a crack at goal. He passed on his responsibility.

    I’m tired of the blame for his mediocrity being placed on his having to play with “less talented” teammates. Give me a break.

  • While you have some valid points, Scott, the second you used Steven Cohen as an “expert,” you lost all credibility in my book. The guy is a pompous hack who won’t give American soccer the time of day. He’s only hurt because Beckham didn’t clear his schedule for his two-bit TV show on FSC. You should how insulted Cohen looked to be the other week when he had to lower himself to interview Matt Reis from the New England Revolution.

    So, yes, David Beckham is not what MLS needs, but neither is Steven Cohen.

  • PocketKings

    Is Steven Cohen a “pompous hack” because he doesn’t tow the MLS party line, because he had the nerve to not be on the “Beckham Bandwagon,” or because he admits on-air that he goes to Chivas USA games?

    Cohen is no different from most on-air personalities… he makes polarizing comments because they spark debate and they are entertaining. Just like Jim Rome… I hate that guy and his anti-soccer comments. But I know his name because of his comments.

    You are entitled to your opinion about his “two-bit” show, but what other weekly shows are there on English speaking TV that covers MLS? Other than televising and commentary about the games, does ESPN have any other programming about soccer, or MLS specifically? I watch the “Sports Desk” on NBC with what’s his name, and he never talks about Galaxy or Chivas results. I’ve heard him talk about soccer on 2-3 occasions… Beckham’s signing and that he wants to stay with Milan.

    Other than mid/post game interviews or post-practice, did Beckham speak with any sports shows??? Any interviews with ESPN??? Compare that with how many times has he been in Four Four Two when he was in England or Spain???

    I’m pissed that the only show I can watch is FFF, or that I have to read about it on-line. When I go through the TV guide, there is a Spanish speaking show on about soccer almost everyday of the week during the FMF season, and even during MLS league play.

  • Joseph D’Hippolito

    Scott, here’s where I disagree: Beckham was a smashing financial success in the short term (jersey sales, season tickets, sponsorships, suite sales). But that’s the only area where he was a success. As far as being an “ambassador for MLS,” well, his absence at MLS Cup in November spoke volumes about that role. Regarding the Galaxy’s play, you can write off 2007 because of Beckham’s injuries and write off the second half of 2008 because of abysmal team morale.

    As you well know, Scott, working in an environment where morale is pathetic is corrosive and contagious. It permeates everything, even the desire for personal excellence. Yes, Beckham is a professional and should have “risen above it.” Yes, Arena said at the end of last season that the team had no leadership — an indictment of Beckham, Donovan and Klein.

    But whose responisibility was that, ultimately? Leiweke and his pet monkey, Lalas. Their public antics and intimidating tactics (especially on Leiweke’s part) destroyed team chemistry and morale. Why do you think Donovan wants out so badly, four years after saying that he didn’t want to return to Europe? It’s not just about self-improvement; it’s about escaping MLS’s version of the Gulag.

  • Beaten

    Good column, Scott, but as Yogi always says; “It ain’t over till it’s over”.

    Will you be prepared to eat a big plate of crow if Beckham returns on March 9th?

  • So just because there are no other shows like Cohen’s, he should be taken seriously? That’s absurd. It’s not because he doesn’t tow the line. You can criticize the league, but when you dismiss it as he does as beneath his standard just because he’s British. For God’s sake, he’s one of the immature kind that wears shirts that say “Throwball” because he has to mock other sports in order to feel better about himself.

    Beckham didn’t go on FFF, but he didn’t go on a lot of things. And Alexi made a good point – why should he put his player on a show where the hosts never bothered to come to Galaxy media events. Nick (Webster) has some credibility because he at least tries, but Steven is a pompous hack.

    Sure, it’s nice Fox does a program, but it’s not that hard to find news. Watch Fox Soccer Report or GolTV’s show. ESPN’s Soccernet Press Pass does dome MLS stuff. There are podcasts, blogs, increased media coverage.

    The days of having to rely on people like Steven Cohen who are gracing us with their accents to tell us how inferior we are are over.