Galaxy Update: New Director of Soccer Named, Single Game Tickets On Sale & More

The Galaxy have named David Kammarman as the club’s director of soccer operations with responsibilities that include player personnel, scouting, talent evaluation, MLS communication and collective bargaining agreement compliance.

He replaces Paul Bravo, who left for the Colorado Rapids.

Kammarman, 37, has worked with three other MLS clubs – the Chicago Fire, D.C. United, and the MetroStars – as well as with ESPN on their broadcasts of MLS and U.S. National Team games.

He’s also the identical twin brother of U.S. Men’s National Team Press officer Michael Kammarman.

The Galaxy today announced that single game tickets are on sale.

Given the economy the Galaxy has kept the price hikes down to a minimum. General admission and the seats at the extreme ends of the upper tier – the two cheapest categories of seats – remain $25 and $15 respectively.

Other categories have increased between $5 and $2, making the club’s most expensive ticket for a game $85 (not including club or fieldside seats). Fieldside seats, BTW, cost $275.

Would you pay prices like that to see a team that has failed to make the playoffs in three years, especially if Beckham doesn’t return? Thought not.

BTW, if you want to complain about (or praise) facilities at Home Depot Center direct your comments to new General Manager Katie Druetzler-Pandolfo, who joined the HDC two years ago as event manager. She replaces Rod O’Connor, who left to become chief of staff at the U.S. Department of Energy. A few more TV’s for fans stuck in those way to long concession lines would be a good start.

In another Galaxy related item, the team’s youth program, formerly known as the Galaxy Rios, will now simply be known as the L.A. Galaxy Youth Academy. The academy fields Under-16, U-18 and U-20 teams.

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  • Justin

    Can you find out about BMAC? Goff is saying he’s gone! oh no no no no.

    Nick replies: Here’s what Goff has reported. I couldn’t get that confirmed, but that sounds right. Stay tuned for the complete list of cuts from the Galaxy around 9 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. Wednesday.

  • Ben

    Well that would be the 1st cut I would have not done – if McDonald is gone.

    Interesting news, so prices sadly still go up, the youth teams have a normal name and we have a possible vacuum between the GM/Coach and that director of soccer…

    Didn’t Bruce want TOTAL control ?

    How does the new guy get along (previous history) with the current coaching staff?

    Nick replies: Bottom line is the “new guy” doesn’t get hired without Arena’s blessing, in part to do the paperwork that would have just bogged him down.

  • Craig

    I’m stating the obvious here but… What does it say about the MLS and media relations when stories are coming out from Facebook and BigSoccer? You’d think with Beckham leaving, the economy tanking and the Galaxy missing the playoffs for 3 years in a row that the Galaxy would work on media/public relations.

    I’m a season ticket holder and I get bupkiss (spelling?) from the team. I have to search high and low on message boards to see what their preseason schedule is, I have no idea if they’re scheduling any summer friendlies against European clubs (like Chelsea in ’07 and R. Madrid in ’05) and I haven’t heard anything about the US Open Cup Qualification.

    All I hear is that Donovan and Beckham will return by March 9th… but there’s hardly any truth to it. From what I read, Donovan is about 90% retuning and Beckham is gone. Anyone with a mind can see that Garber’s “deadline” was just the MLS playing the negotiating game with AC Milan.

    Nick replies: Welcome to my world. Now you understand the corporate mentality of AEG. The hilarious part is that AEG and the Galaxy have a lot of PR staffers, but they don’t advise the company how to conduct themselves, the privately-held, tight-ass company dictates to them. That’s a ass-backwards way of dealing with the world – employing experts that you then tell how to do their job – instead of using their expertise, but it’s remarkably common in the corporate world and one of the reasons I haven’t gone over to the dark side, as journalists often refer to PR.

    Now in their defense (some) of these PR folks are excellent to deal with, but they are simply hamstrung by the company. Others, if you can believe it, don’t even return telephone calls.

    BTW, can you tell you hit a nerve?

  • Joseph D’Hippolito

    Preach it, Brother Nick! I have my own story to tell about Galaxy anality…

    Soon after Beckham injured his knee in the 2007 SuperLiga final, I was asked to do a story about the Galaxy fans’ reaction to Beckham’s absence (he would be out six weeks). Well, I roamed the stands and the concourses soliciting opinions before a game against Dallas. Two hours after the game …two hours mind you… the Galaxy media relations representative who reads this blog regularly told me that I had no right to talk to people in the stands and that I could not use the material. Needless to say, not only did I ignore him but I also wrote a letter of complaint to the league office about his behavior — especially since nothing in the Galaxy’s media guide prohibited reporters from interviewing fans in the stands with a tape recorder!

  • Joseph D’Hippolito

    That should be two hours after the kickoff but you get the idea. I also know that people who have tried to interview players in the stadium club after the game have been threatened with permanent revocation of their credentials, though the media guide mentions nothing about that, either.

    Anality and neurosis are prerequesites to being a successful member of Galaxy media relations.