Your Daily Beckham & Galaxy Roster Update

Reports out of Europe today that discussed the likely extension of David Beckham’s loan to AC Milan from the Galaxy have apparently been confirmed by the L.A.Times. Details here.

A club source told me it’s unclear whether any deal will be finalized and formally announced today.

Updated 3:30 p.m.: As of 30 minutes ago, the Galaxy had this to say about their loaned players –

David Beckham and Landon Donovan remain in Europe on loan with AC Milan and Bayern Munich respectively, with both players scheduled to return later this month ahead of the Galaxy’s season opener against D.C. United.

Looks like the Galaxy have yet to get on the same page as AEG in regard to Becks.

In other Galaxy news, the club won’t have to announce any roster cuts today because they have 24 players under contract and so are in compliance with MLS salary cap and roster numbers that come into effect today.

That means as yet unsigned draft picks A.J. DeLaGarza and Kyle Patterson as well as trialist Yohance Marshall will remain training with the team for now.

However, the Galaxy are expected to announce later today that midfielder Josh Boateng, a third round draft pick out of Liberty University, has left the club. (Confirmed at 3 p.m. per the Galaxy).

Also, trade negotiations between the Galaxy and Honduran team Platense over young central defender Osman Chavez apparently broke down over the weekend, according to media reports out of that Central American country.

More later.

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  • Ben

    Thanks for the info.

    Why couldn’t they reach an agreement for July-November as well ?! If he has to pay a get out fine, couldn’t he do now and everyone would be happy…

    Too bad about Chavez, now Sanneh is really going to stick around, I fear.

  • Joseph d’HIppolito

    Regarding Grahame Jones’ article about the possible Beckham settlement:

    I guesss Beckham and AC Milan aren’t the only ones who don’t believe in the legal sanctity of contracts. (Snip) If he and Garber (who, sadly, appears to be another AEG tool) had just said from the beginning and publicly that Beckham was not for sale once the loan agreement was consummated, then we might have been spared all this rubbish.

    Perhaps Beckham may have privately told Leiweke to “sod off” long before negotiating this loan deal, which he obviously used to his advantage. That’s my bet.

    Frankly, I’d rather have MLS fold than have it led by such devious, unscrupulous bastards as Leiweke and Anschutz. Let them both burn in Hell; the change of scenery would do us good!

    Nick replies: Joseph, I edited your post for legal reasons (and a semblance of good taste). Your point is taken. Could we move on from the AEG rants. Thanks.

  • Joseph D’Hippolito

    Nick, you won’t need me to supply you with AEG rants. Once this deal is confirmed, you’ll get more than your share…such as these from the Galaxy’s own blog (not edited):

    Sorry , I just need to vent here. What the heck is the Galaxy Exec’s thinking with this current Beckham deal of splitting time at both clubs!!! Are you serious, is this the best you could negotiate!!! Great here’s to another circus season with a another limp legged Becks returning to us at midseason to steal the thunder from the lads who are actually dedicated to the team!! Here’s to watching him play half assed because all he wants to do is remain fit for England. Way to go Galaxy exec’s!!! Maybe it’s time to put your jobs on the cut list because it obvious you haven’t performed on your version of the pitch, aka, the boardroom. Even though we have a talented group of lads….I have no desire to watch this season because I refuse to support your lack of decication to the team and its fans!!

    Why are the Galaxy such push-overs? Either he comes back in March, or he’s bought outright. Build a team that WANTS to be here. Stop trading away every draft pick for the next three years, waiving the players we have and getting nothing in return, hire a coach that knows how to groom players. Someone that understands how crucial it is to develop young talent. Was I the only one in the stands that was embarrassed at how slow our boys were on the pitch in comparison to Suwon? Why can’t the powers that be concentrate on the here and now, this team, this season, and how it lays the groundwork for the next two or three? Everyone wants to know about Beckham. Well here it is, he was shunned at Milan in 2006 and came to the Galaxy instead. Now Milan wants to sell more shirts, garner some press for themselves since they can’t do it on the pitch, and Beckham is the key to both. How much is Addidas paying both teams for this fiasco?Beckham is just a media circus for the sake of Milan/AEG/Galaxy notoriety and worldwide press.

    Mark sec. 132

    This is only the beginning, my friend….