Tuesday’s Column, Sol, Marta, Becks & More

The Los Angeles Sol opened training camp in Carson Monday giving a new generation of soccer players role models.

Thinking about buying Galaxy season tickets? Then know Beckham will play just 13 MLS games – or even fewer – this year if his loan deal to AC Milan is extended.

Lastly, those planning their summer vacation should know tickets go on sale beginning March 14 to the U.S. World Cup qualifier against Honduras June 6 in Chicago. Details here.

Updated 8:40 a.m.
MLS just released the complete list of players cut Monday (or earlier) by their respective clubs. A waiver draft is set for noon. (The Galaxy have the second pick behind the Earthquakes, Chivas USA picks seventh).

Just to refresh your memory who is available:
Chivas USA – Kraig Chiles, Anthony Hamilton, Roberto Nurse, Keith Savage.
Galaxy – Vardan Adzemian, Charles Alamo, Michael Gavin, Mike Munoz.
Other notable players include – former Chivas USA forward John Cunliffe and former Galaxy midfielder Ned Grabavoy (San Jose Earthquakes).

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  • “…which appeases sponsors and season-ticket holders.”

    Sponsors yes, season ticket holders no. This is the 2007 season all over again, which was a complete and utter sham. AEG and MLS gets 1/2 of the season to parade Beckham around from town to town which the Galaxy season ticket holders foot a portion of the bill with pricier tickets, concessions and parking (like $15 at the CSUDH campus for a mid-week preseason game two weeks ago). The soccer moms and their kids will love it but the hardcore soccer fans will see exactly what this is… an absolute joke!

    And like 2007, the Galaxy scheduled all their home games during the international calendar to guarantee Beckham won’t miss any road appearances (I’d say games here but let’s be honest what happens on the pitch means nothing to AEG, MLS and Brand Beckham). I looked at the England team schedule and there’s a great chance that Beckham will only make 4 appearances at Home Depot Center (he’ll miss Seattle on 08/15 and Dallas on 09/12)…. and that’s assuming he’s healthy!

    At least in 2007 the Galaxy scheduled a few friendlies against Rangers and Chelsea to hold us over. This season the “bonus games” are a preseason friendly against a few low level teams and a US Open Match in April.

    I’m curious to see how the Galaxy will spin this to their season ticket holders… oh wait that’s assuming they actually care.

  • Inigo Montoya

    I’m trying to take a glass 1/4 full perspective: I’ll think of the 2009 Galaxy as being a Beckham-less and Donovan-less team, for whom any game with one or both of them in as a bonus. A Hollywood-style Special Guest Appearance by so-and-so.

    It won’t be easy to approach it that way. The wretched 2007 season is hard to shake from my memory. “Murder, She Wrote” is not a model for a quality soccer team, Bert Convey or no Bert Convey. Special Guest Appearances are a distraction.

  • Beaten

    From the LA GALAXY website:

    “Arena continued to insist any agreement between the parties would be in the best interests of the Galaxy.”

    Well, considering that they obviusly don’t give a rip about any of their their season ticketholders, I guess that the GALAXY is thinking about their best interests first.

    The GALAXY continues to set new lows, and now they’re even willing to throw their own loyal fans under the bus….