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Think of the possibilities of this development:

AP Sports Writer

In-game Twitter posts might be a technical foul of sorts in the NBA, but at least one sports league is embracing the idea of having players use the social networking Web site during a game.

The new Women’s Professional Soccer league will allow selected players to post short Twitter notes, called “tweets,” during its inaugural game between the Los Angeles Sol and Washington Freedom March 29 at Home Depot Center, league spokesman Robert Penner said.

General managers from the new seven-team league approved the idea in a conference call Friday. Depending on fan response, league officials are considering allowing players to tweet during games all season.

They still must work out some of the details, including which players will tweet and when they’ll be allowed to do so; starters, obviously, likely would be limited to pregame, post-game and halftime.

The league’s decision stands in sharp contrast to the NBA, where Milwaukee Buck coach Scott Skiles reprimanded forward Charlie Villanueva for posting a tweet during halftime of Sunday’s victory over Boston. Skiles said it could be interpreted as a sign that Villanueva wasn’t focused on the game. Villanueva agreed to stop tweeting during games but still isn’t sure he did anything wrong; he argued that posting to Twitter isn’t much different from doing a short television interview at halftime.

My pledge to you, the reader: If they tweet, I tweet. I’ll tell you who’s tweeting, why they’re tweeting and what they’re tweeting about. Is it redundant to retweet? Only if you’re not listening.

Frankly, you may not give a tweet, but it’s far too late for that.

I already tweet at Feel free to follow along

Tweeting will ramp up when the season begins with frequent updates (although I’ll never put a score in a tweet).

The tweeting has only begun.

And how soon until the first own goal caused by tweeting?

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  • Mike

    Yet another sign of the impending collapse of Western Civilization.

  • Hey, thanks! I’m too lazy to subscribe to every single WPS player’s Twitter feed. I’m counting down to the first string of expletives from a player. Can’t wait to see how WPS deals with that!