Final Result: Galaxy-D.C. United

The game ends 2-2, an extremely fortunate Galaxy escaping with a point at home after Landon Donovan scored a PK from a non-existent hand ball and then equalized five minutes later from an offside position.

Updated: A vociferous response to my offside claim from readers. The YouTube video a reader sent along is inconclusive; Donovan is in an offside position by the time the ball enters the frame, but we don’t see where he is the moment the ball is kicked. Still, it’s close enough that I’m going to retract my assertion it was clearly offside. Especially since I’m a huge advocate of giving the benefit of the doubt to the forward whenever possible (and believe refs don’t do that enough).

Thanks for all the responses.

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  • Ryan

    Non-existent handball? Yes. Offside? No. Check the replay. Landon timed his run perfectly and was clearly on.

  • Scott

    The 2nd goal wasn’t even close to being offside. Check the reply and edit your comments.

  • Nell

    Now having seen the replay of the highlights: Donovan is CLEARLY onside. I think you’ll be retracting your statement, Nick.

  • Nell

    Nice retraction, Nick.

    But if you’re truly not convinced…just look at the highlights at MLSnet or the Galaxy Website. It’s the Telefutura highlights and if you freeze it as Patterson hits it, Donovan is clearly onside.

  • TJ

    Yep, the handball was a typically bad call, courtesy the always atrocious MLS officiating crew… but LD was definitely onside. I’ve watched it 100 times in slow-mo on my DVR. Just a perfectly timed run. Frankly, I’m surprised that they got that call right.

    The quality of officiating ruins MLS games every week.

    Nick replies: Then you’ll be glad I didn’t call the game. 🙂

  • m

    The Galaxy weren’t lucky. They did well to get back in that game and very well could have had all three points. I grow tired of your constant Galaxy bashing. Start at least pretending to be objective.

    Nick replies: They were lucky from where I was sitting. And I don’t pretend to be objective. That’s not what blogs by columnists are about. You don’t get that?

  • Inigo Montoya

    Nick– I thought they were unlucky not to have a goal or two in the first half after playing controlled and energetic soccer. For most of the second half they seemed intimidated, and were lucky not to be down by three.

    The defense was so-so, tho not tested much in the first half until the breakdown that led to the goal. Sanneh was generally steady and Gonzalez was generally good, but Gonzalez was responsible for both DCU goals. Each came because of his passivity: the first on the bouncing through ball and the second with him standing on the penalty spot as Pontius drove into the box with the ball. Let’s watch and see whether he develops his game under Arena.

    The “handball” was of course a missed call, but so was an aggressive DCU headbutt to the face right in front of the AR along the right side in the DCU zone after the ball was away. (Sorry, can’t remember the players. It was about 65th minute if I remember it right. Didn’t anyone else think that was worth notice?) I expected a yellow if not a red, which would have changed the dynamic a bit. LD also got pulled down as he entered the box, and that call could have gone either way as well.

    I looked to me like LD was offside on the second goal as I watched it. I was going to go back and watch the recording of it this evening, but I’ll take TJ’s word for watching 100 times.

    Perhaps the biggest game-changer was the DCU collision and injuries in the back, which gave the Galaxy an opportunity to take the initiative.

  • Evan

    Just for further evidence, here’s a photo I took of a frame from my TV. You see that the ball has already been crossed, and Donovan is onside:

    Nick replies: Proof! Nicely done, Evan. I stand corrected. Thanks.

  • jorge

    Nick, I agree with you. LD was offside, you can watch it 1.000 times and still is offside. The hand…

    Now to the players. AJ did not do well at left back at all..If you call getting the ball and pounding it down the line to no one in particular good plays, then we can do that all day.

    Magee, freakin sucks playing left mid, looked uninterested, out of shape.

    Tudela..what was he doing out there in the field? Didn’t do 5 things right.

    Defense didn’t connect with the MF at all. Everything the defense got, it seemed they would pound long balls. Omar, Tony and AJ, all 3 of them were just kicking long balls.

    LA has a very long way to go, if they keep playing like that, they will get murdered.

  • Mike

    Come on, guys, don’t you get it? The gratuitous home team bashing? The snarky comments that Landon’s goals were undeserved? Nick is doing a clever parody of a Graham Jones article!