Galaxy Sign Defender Gregg Berhalter

As expected.

The veteran trained with the club for the first time today and could make his debut Saturday against the Colorado Rapids.

From the (edited) Galaxy press release: The 35-year-old New Jersey native is a veteran of the U.S. National Team, having earned 44 caps during an 11-year international career that included a trip to the 2002 and 2006 FIFA World Cups. Berhalter comes to the Galaxy following a 15-year club career that has seen him play in England, Germany and Holland. He most recently spent three years with German club TSV 1860 Munich of the Second Bundesliga.

“I’m really excited to be back in the U.S. and to be joining the Galaxy,” Berhalter said. “I always wanted to play in MLS and the timing was perfect.”

“Gregg is an experienced and knowledgeable defender who will be an excellent addition to our club,” Galaxy General Manager and Coach Bruce Arena added. “He is a good passer and organizer of the defense and I believe that he will help improve our team in the defensive end of the field.”

Updated 2:30 p.m.: Leonard Griffin has been placed on the disabled list for six games to make room for Berhalter. Something is up with Sesay, I just can’t publicly say what if you can believe it; he’s not listed on the roster. The Galaxy said the Web master, not the club, made that move! Let’s just say the Sesay issue is a little complicated because he’s a Generation adidas player.

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  • Ben

    Let’s hope Berhalter and Sanneh won’t get to play together anytime soon…

  • The Wolf

    Hey Nick-

    I may be wrong, but I thought the Galaxy didn’t have anymore roster spots available.
    Any word on who may have been released or waived?

    Nick replies: You are correct. The Galaxy must make a roster move to make room for Berhalter. They are waiting on the league to tell them the precise mechanism and we should know sometime today. I can’t tell you the name of the player yet (although he knows the situation and has for a couple of weeks), but I can tell you he is not a regular starter. Stand by.

  • Any word on who will be the poor soul that has to join the rank of the unemployment to make way for Bearhugger?

    Nick replies: I should be able to tell you later today as soon as its formalized.

  • Without blowing anyone’s cover I’m guessing Sesay’s off the main page’s roster for a reason.

  • The Wolf

    Thanks for the ever so subtle hint Nick. Did you happen to get a chance to see Gregg in training? Just wondering how fit or unfit he may be…

    Nick replies: No, I couldn’t make it out to training today. But I will have the mystery player’s name ASAP.

  • Anon

    Sesay probably will be dropped. He no longer appears on the Galaxy roster on the website.

  • zack

    Griffin has been put on the disabled list to make room for Berhalter.

    Nick replies. Incorrect. He was already on it.

    Updated: Let me retract that. You’re right.

  • Joseph D’Hippolito

    So, Nick, what are the odds Lie-weakly fires Il Bruce just before the big “revenge match” against AC Milan?

  • charlesj27

    Thanks so much for keeping us updated as best you can or are allowed to. Every time, I think I’m somewhat close to understanding MLS personnel rule it throws me for another “What in God’s name…?”. So, Leonard who had hernia surgery is on the Disabled List so that he can recover at a good, lengthy leisure to ensure that Gregg Berhalter has a chance to stay with the LA Galaxy. Then, Israel Sesay, who by many accounts seemed to be injured or knocked around when anyone has last saw him has been “mysteriously” dropped by the WebMaster of because of the complication of having too many developmental players on our roster (1 extra to be exact)! And, the government is going after AIG? All I can say is… “Who’s the Slim Shady”?

    Nick: I agree. To say they are making this stuff up as they go along is an understatement.

  • Ben

    To be honest that injury replacing list thing has been in the regulations for a while.

    New for 2009 is only that there are is a 2nd list (6 game):

    season ending injury list
    does not count against the roster – not sure about the $

    “6 game minimum” injury list
    a player who gets healthy before that can’t play till the 6 games are up
    player still counts against the salary cap, is temporarily off the roster tough.

    Nick replies: I was actually meaning about the Sesay issue when we’re talking about vague rules…

  • Eirich

    This in not an impact signing….The Galaxy need help producing offense from the centre. They need to sit either Tudela or Kovalenko and bring in a playmaker to roam the middle.

    Where is Carlos Hernandez?