Dumb and Dema (Part Deux)

So because Dema Kovalenko received a red in an MLS game Saturday, he’s eligible to play in the U.S. Open Cup game Tuesday against the Colorado Rapids, right?


He’s suspended.

Kovalenko received a red in the last U.S. Open Cup game he played for Real Salt Lake. BTW, he has now received seven red cards in his MLS (not counting other competitions) career.

I’ll have more from an infuriated Bruce Arena and his contrite players a little later.

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  • http://Http://94thminute.blogspot.com caasi gohd

    I gotta tell you Nick, from where I was standing the tackle looked clean. Dema went right through the ball. The replays from the back-angle aren’t helpful at all, but I’m 95% positive it was clean.

    To make matters worse, Lollypop Guild Kennedy was going for the yellow in his front pocket and suddenly changes his mind and goes for the red.

    Also, any word on why Julian Valentin didn’t suit up?

    Nick replies: In today’s game you simply can’t show studs on a tackle, no matter whether it’s “clean” or not and I’m not convinced it was anyway (I haven’t seen a replay yet having just got back from the locker room interviews). And he had his studs up.

    Bruce Arena was incensed and called Kovalenko “a liability,” while Dema apologized to the team (at least via my digital recorder) and said he must make better decisions, too. (And I’m no Kennedy fan, either).

    As for Valentin, I don’t know. Same reason why Magee didn’t suit up, I’m guessing?

  • Caasi Gohd

    Thanks as always Nick. I just saw a bit of video from the post-game interviews.

    Today’s game hurt. It also hurt that I went in early looking for $1 beer and $1 hot-dogs only to find a 250 people-long line.

    Nick replies: Customer service for a captive audience at its finest.