Chivas USA-Columbus Post-Game Quotes, Photos & More

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Here’s Chivas USA’s Jesse Marsch on whether he’s going to play another 300 MLS games after receiving a plaque to commemorate the feat before the game tonight:

“That is a little bit depressing because I’m half way through my career now. The thing I think about the most is all the people I’ve had the chance to play with and play against – it’s been a great go. I’m not done though.”


On being one of two 3-0 teams in the league:

“We almost didn’t expect much I thought in the beginning. We didn’t have a great preseason. We had a lot of guys hurt, but we were just about sort of plugging away and kind of grinding things out. Actually, I’m pretty pleased with how parts of the game have come along for us and there’s been some good soccer. There hasn’t been enough yet, but I’m pretty pleased not only with the results, but the progress of the group.

Here are the conflicting views on the red card.

First, the Crew’s Andy Iro:

“It’s simple physiology – if you’re going to be going for a slide tackle, you’re going to be showing your studs. The difference is, at least for a red card, if you go for a player, it’s ankle on a ball, it’s really late, you can seriously injure that player then, yeah, I can understand a straight red.

Y’know what? I really want to see the replay again … I thought it was a 50-50 chance for me to go there … When we looked at the referee’s (interpretation of the) laws for the beginning of the season a straight red was for a dangerous or a malicious tackle with no (regard) for the player and I certainly don’t think you could say I went to injure the guy so I certainly don’t think it was high. I think it hits his foot, maybe the bottom of his ankle and so if I get him late it’s a free kick – if anything it’s a yellow. To me at least a straight red is unbelievably harsh.

“I was shocked it was a straight red. I think it had a lot to do with the player’s reaction, the crowd reaction and I think the referee is going to have to take a look at it and go from there. But I was shocked. I know that I went for the ball; I know I hit the grass before I actually even hit him, so I know it wasn’t high. It was slightly late, so if anything it was a yellow card and we would have been able to move on and deal with it. But obviously the red card changes everything in the game and we’re just not getting any breaks right now.”

Now here’s Talley’s perspective on the challenge that led to the red:

“I know how to go over the ball too, but I do it to avoid stupid situations like that, red cards, whatever. Maybe (it was) a little bit of frustration on his part, but I think he got what he deserved. I’m a defender, too. I like to tackle hard. But I still think he could have avoided that because I put the ball past him already. It was late.”

Here’s Crew Coach Robert Warzycha on the difference between last season and this winless season so far:

“Last season was last season, everything was bouncing our way – this year we’re facing some obstacles. The first four games, in my mind, is too many (so quickly). We have to bounce back. This is a championship team – they won last year, so what can you teach them? They’re supposed to know how to play.”

On the quiet game Rolling Hills Estates’ Robbie Rogers had:

“I think he felt the hamstring a little bit, so he’s not playing up to his ability, I think, so that’s why we took him off in the second half. He usually creates the chances. He usually goes after the defender. But today he wasn’t doing that. “

A very quiet and reluctant to talk Robbie Rogers on the limitations of his hamstring on his performance:

“I feel it when I’m sprinting, especially over distance – I think everyone can tell. I’m trying to help the team as much as I can, but I can only do so much.

Lastly, let’s remind ourselves – there were a total of nine Chivas USA players missing through injury Sunday; goalkeeper Dan Kennedy (right knee sprain), defenders Bobby Burling (sports hernia surgery), Ante Jazic (concussion), Claudio Surez (left calf strain), Mariano Trujillo (bruised ribs) and Lawson Vaughn (left ankle surgery); midfielder Sasha Victorine (left knee surgery), and forwards Justin Braun (right knee sprain), Maykel Galindo (sports hernia surgery), and Ante Razov (right ankle surgery).

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