Sounders-Galaxy Post-Game Quotes

Before I resume my vacation, here are the post-game views of the Galaxy’s 1-1 tie with the Sounders in Seattle on Sunday.

Here’s Sounders Coach Sigi Schmid on the Galaxy’s playing style given they were a man up:

“I’m very proud of our team from the standpoint of playing a man down and still trying to go for the win whereas the opponent was a man up and they were still content to tie the game,” he said. “Their whole playing style all season has been to keep themselves close in games and snag a goal here and there.”

And here’s Galaxy Coach Bruce Arena on the same topic:

“We didn’t do a good job. I think in the last 20 minutes of the game we were obviously fatigued and we didn’t do a good job getting the ball forward and put them under a little bit of pressure. No question about it, we could have been better at trying to get the three points today.”

Here’s Schmid on whether he thought the Galaxy were capable of a second goal in the second half:

“It became less likely as they took forwards off the field and brought on midfielders.”

Here’s Landon Donovan’s assessment of the game and why the Galaxy couldn’t convert the numerical advantage on the field to the scoreboard:

“We got tired. It was a little unfortunate because we worked hard for 70 minutes and played well and I think we got tired, we got lazy, we stopped wanting the ball, we stopped moving and I wish we could have played them at a time we didn’t have a midweek game because we could have got something more out of the game.”

Schmid on the “disappointing” refereeing of Tim Weyland, who this time around handed out nine cards:

“I’ve known the referee for a long time and when I was coaching in college we were allowed to list a couple of referees who could not be put on our games. So, he hasn’t refereed many games that I’ve coached let me put it that way. … He was retired, he unretired a few years ago.”

Arena on the six ties the Galaxy has, which is tied with Chicago for the most in the league:

“It tells you a little bit about the league, that there’s not much of a gap from one team to another,” he said. “We haven’t lost a game in a long time, but we want to get some wins.”

Here’s Dema Kovalenko on the first half non-PK call and whether he worried his reputation could have preceded him in that situation:

“He was going down already, y’know. It’s not like I slid and hit him. Believe me I worry about myself, too, in those situations (and) so does Bruce, so it’s good it didn’t happen.”

Here’s goalscorer Alan Gordon on whether this game amounted to a missed opportunity for three points:

“It’s a little bittersweet. We like the point, but we’ve got to grab three points somewhere and this was a good opportunity to do it. That being said we can’t be mad at ourselves for getting a point. This is a really tough place to play. We’re still moving forward. We’re unbeaten in six games, this is good for us, so I don’t think we should take anything negative from this performance.”

Lastly, veteran Sounders defender Tyrone Marshall let young fellow defender James Riley know in the locker room after the game that he shouldn’t have got thrown out on what amounted to a “cheap card” that led to his second half ejection. Here’s how veteran Galaxy defender Gregg Berhalter, who picked up the ball initially, saw the incident and resulting melee:

“He wanted to take it quickly, I picked it up and was trying to delay the kick and the guy went nuts. He threw me into the turf, hit Mike (Magee) – I guess he overreacted a bit. But he got a red card and I think deservedly so.”

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  • Joseph D’Hippolito

    Once again, Tim Weyland has proven that the lobotomized have a place in contemporary society…

  • This match was a disgrace. Before, during the Schmid reign, the players were aggressive. Now, we settle for draws. The six draws do not show how even the league is, they show how mediocre we are.
    Bruce Arena has been overrated since 2005. Klinsmann is available but seeing how inept the Leiweke administration has been in hockey/football, they’ll probably keep Arena until the end of the season.
    Shameful. Just Shameful.

  • jon

    L.A. Galaxy fans. I was at the game today. What a hopeless team. You had a man advantage and your goalkeeper had to stall at the end so you could get a point. It was like your team gave up trying for the win. If your players are tired from a mid-week game then use your subs accordingly. European teams play 2 games week all the time. You have a new rival. Out of all the teams we have played so far I think your team is the worst.

  • Pox

    Dear Jon,

    Everyone wants to be our rivals. Take a number and get in line.

  • WC

    Galaxy fans should be ashamed for their team’s “performance” and it was just that…a performance…really, and Oscar winning night…Ricketts at the head of the line…hell give him 2 Oscars for that amazing performance and the end of the match….very impressive…kick the ball out of bounds and lay down….I wish I woulda thought of that one.

    I would have to disagree with Jon, it would be a complete waste time to have a “rivalry” with the LA Actors…I mean “Galaxy”

  • Studs Up

    Just wondering if Joseph D’Hippolito is related to the famous indoor soccer ref Gino D’Hippolito(spl) of the days gone by. One of the more colorful US refs along with equally famous Toros Kibritjian(spl).