Saturday Soccer Salute

After raising a pint (or two) at 12 microbreweries, reconnecting with friends in Oregon and Washington, seeing two road Galaxy games and visiting two national parks in seven states over the last 12 days while clocking up 3,185 miles, I returned to Los Angeles late Friday night.

But a co-worker and fellow soccer fan will not be there when I get back to the office next week. Vu Nguyen, who sits at the desk adjacent to mine and was just 34-years-old, died Friday night in hospital:

“Nguyen kicked two goals while playing a soccer game with friends Sunday in a Santa Monica park and collapsed as he ran with his arms outstretched like an airplane down the field.”

Wherever you are now, Vu, I’m sure you are still scoring and soaring.

So, while the Sol won Friday, Manchester United clinched the EPL title today and the two best teams in MLS play at Home Depot Center tonight, I’m keeping things in perspective.

Tonight is my wife’s birthday, so I’m going to play hooky from soccer today and spend time with her instead.

I’ll blog at noon Sunday from the Galaxy game against Columbus at the HDC.

Until then, slow down, take care and spend time with someone you love.

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  • Evan

    I read about Vu on LA Observed. Tragic. My thoughts to his family, friends, and coworkers.