New Chivas USA Fan Blog Debuts

No column from me this morning due to Monday’s holiday.

But those of you looking for a good soccer read might want to check out the work of former Daily Breeze food critic and converted Galaxy fan Chris Cognac who has guest-blogged here before and now has a new blog from a fans’ point of view called Chivas USA from the Stands.

In his latest post Chris tallies up the cost of being a Galaxy fan compared to following Chivas USA (he’s talking monetary cost not the emotional toll, BTW).

Look for the South Bay resident to continue to observe the simple, yet awe-inspiring virtues of the bacon wrapped hot dog and other pleasures from his seat beneath the Stadium Club with his family.

Welcome to the blogging party, Chris.

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South Bay-based Los Angeles News Group soccer columnist and blogger Nick Green writes at the 100 Percent Soccer blog at and craft beer at the Beer Goggles blog at Cheers!
  • Ben

    Wow those numbers add up and has some negative results if you are a Galaxy fan.

    After all the salary cap is exactly the same for all MLS teams…

    So it has nothing to do with the players, apart from a certain Englishman who apparently financially benefits with a certain % of everything Galaxy related, whether that’s tickets and concession stands, fan shop and merchandise and so on…

  • Dan

    Hi. I’m Chris (word deleted). I’m too cheap to know the meaning of loyalty, so the first time my monthly (word deleted) budget got a little tight, I decided to piss all over American soccer and become an (apologist) for Jorge Vergara’s brand expansion.

    Like my blog? If so, can you help me find a picture of our games that doesn’t show section after section of empty seats? Photoshop expertise welcome.

    You probably recognize our fan group, los Otras Onions (the Stinking Others), as the whining glad-handing brown-nosing little weasels who will suck up to literally anyone who will pretend to validate our miserable, temporary existence. That’s why we cheered for the Crew in MLS Cup, in the Crew fan section. Why, we even showed up at the Riot Squad post-MLS Cup tailgate. We’ll rent out anything for validation – certainly something as meaningless as club pride.

    In a previous blog entry, I claimed Galaxy fans were violent, conveniently forgetting the time that my fan group cheered on Legion 1908 when they threw bottles at Galaxy fans. And also conveniently forgetting that Legion 1908 went after my own fan group too. Fortunately, my team’s front office did absolutely nothing about it. But fortunately, even the dregs (word deleted) of Legion 1908 who were so desperate as to give Chivas USA the time of day have grown bored, so now we’re the number one Chivas USA fan group! Look for our tailgate – it’s near the Gremlin we all carpool to games in. You can’t miss it, it’s the one with the Galaxy bumper-sticker nearly rubbed off.

    In my latest blog entry, I show how insanely unpopular our team is. The laws of supply and demand are a vast, empty wasteland completely alien to my understanding, so I actually think that a company providing the exact same product for much less is a sign of good business, rather than stark desperation. I actually come right out and say that a Chivas USA sellout does less for the league than a 1/4-full Galaxy game.

    Nor does it occur to me that this is after CUSA utterly failed to draw their original target market – a market which, had Vergara and Cue been even 1% successful, would have sold out every game. My current numbers show the fruit of Chivas USA cannibalizing the market for Galaxy fans, after three of the worst years the Galaxy have ever had.

    Do I draw any conclusions about what this means for the long-term prospects of my team? Do I even pause to consider that, if for some wacky reason, people did start to go to Chivas USA games, ticket prices might go up? Of course not. Naturally, I assume that Chivas USA will continue this business model indefinitely, never growing, never gaining new fans, never increasing their marketing budget, getting nothing from parking or concessions.

    Until the day when Cue and Vergara spend millions of their own money to build a redundant new soccer stadium in the middle of a freaking recession. Even if that did happen, they’d keep the same low, low prices. Because fans paying 25 cents on the dollar will pay for a new stadium as fast as Sacha Kljestan can ruin his national team career.

    I’m already a St. Louis Goats fan – and I don’t even know it. Until then – when you think cheap, fickle and fake, think Chivas USA.

    Nick replies: This comment was edited (and the changes noted) for libel reasons. Please folks, no name-calling. Thanks.

  • turk

    Wow. Classy move allowing that winded rant on your comments section.