Galaxy-Real Salt Lake Post-Game

Galaxy 0 RSL 2

Relive the game here (small children who play AYSO should not watch):

Not exactly a laugh a minute, but you wouldn’t know it by listening to Eddie Lewis and Bruce Arena talk about the Galaxy midfielder’s straight red card that occurred after he threw a ball at Javier Morales, who had just been fouled by sub Jovan Kirovski.

Here’s Lewis laying on the lacerating sarcasm courtesy of reporter Phil Collin:

“I just tossed the ball at the player and said, ‘Come on, get up,’ because I knew . . . he’s obviously laying around to draw a foul. That was it.”

Well, it wasn’t. Lewis was just warming up:

“Red cards this year have been a focus of a lot of attention, so in a lot of ways I guess I’m not too overly surprised. We’ve also been instructed that we’re not to say anything negatively about the refs, which I understand.

“I suppose I’d have nothing but wonderful words to say about the ref. In fact, he got all the calls right tonight and is certainly one of the finer refs I’ve player under. In fact, maybe one day he can represent CONCACAF for a World Cup.

“In fact, he maybe one day will be too good for this league. Maybe somewhere else, I don’t know. But that’s his work.”

Arena had the best one-liner of the night when asked whether that was a legitimate straight red:

“If you’re in a U-8 game that’s definitely a red card.

Arena who, despite the result looked drawn, (sorry) didn’t mince words:

“We were outplayed. We didn’t play well. It seemed in the first half they were a step faster than us all over the field.”

Arena was asked whether the team lacked leadership or confidence:

“There are no excuses on our part; a number of players got outplayed tonight.”

We shouldn’t overlook the role RSL goalkeeper Nick Rimando played. Here he denies Eddie Lewis.


RSL Coach Jason Kreis, meanwhile, welcomed the team’s first win in eight games:

“I just told our guys in the locker room – ‘welcome back.'”

“It’s our first road win of the season; it’s our first win in a long time. … There’s been disappointment around our team for way too long.”

And Kreis proved he could deliver a punchline when asked about Nat Borchers finally scoring a goal his first in MLS in 76 games:

“He told us when he came here he was good for three goals a season off corner kicks. He owes us five more.

Game story.

Movsisyan, a Pasadena City College product, loves coming back to Southern California and scoring at the HDC in front of family and friends.

Here’s the RSL perspective.

Thank you ladies and germs, you’ve been a lovely audience. Good night.

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  • Ben

    Thanks for the additional words!

    Lewis missed a huge chance, was part of the mistakes which led to goal 2 and got one of the dumbest cards all season and then even has the big mouth about the ref… sometimes a good slap in the face or look in the mirror would be on order.

    Watch how he runs from the RSL player trough the box, leaving him uncovered only to assist him when the deflecting the ball to him (starts 3:18 > 3:32 in the highlights).

    Berhalter was burned multiple times and fouls a lot with holding/tugging the opponents.

    The whole team didn’t perform that well (excluding Kovalenko who I thought had an excellent game).