SuperLiga Post-Game: Tigres at Chivas USA

Tigres’ “B” team handily beat Chivas USA Saturday 2-1 in SuperLiga with Coach Preki saying “it was one of those nights when we didn’t come out of the locker room ready to play.”

Which pretty much sums it up.

Preki’s conclusion: Chivas USA was merely “slow.”

Game story.

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  • Studs Up

    Give up on the Goats USA Nick. Nobody cares, nobody reads your blogging on them, nobody attends their games and nobody responds at all. And now they don’t even want to play according to their own coach. If that was the gaLAxy and Arena talking we won’t hear the end of it from you.

    They just don’t fit no matter how one looks at it.

  • Joseph D’Hippolito

    Uh, Studs Up, let me remind you that…

    1. Nick covers Southern California soccer, not just Galaxy soccer

    2. The Galaxy’s attendance is down while Chivas USA’s is up (perhaps including dissatisfied Galaxy fans)

    3. The Galaxy plays a less entertaining style than Chivas USA

  • Studs Up

    Good come back Nick, I mean Geno D’Hippolito, I mean Joseph D’Hippolito.

    I guess by “coverage” you mean unbiased and balanced reporting. Well, this reader doesn’t quite get that from this blog.

    Re the Goats USA, LA is the Galaxy soccer, Lakers basketball, Dodgers baseball, Kings hockey, USC football and UCLA basketball town win or lose. Others just don’t matter.

    Studs Up: You are operating under a misapprehension; this blog is an extension of the column of the same name that runs weekly in several Southern California newspapers. By definition, a column contains opinions; so does the blog.

    If you want supposedly unbiased, allegedly objective straight reporting you won’t get that here (I’d argue you won’t get that anywhere, but this is a blog about soccer, not journalism, so I’ll spare you the rant).

    If you want commentary – sometimes snarky, sometimes hopefully funny, occasionally insightful and (as regular readers know) often just plain wrong – hopefully you will find it here.

    This is meant to be an oasis for all fans of the beautiful game in Southern California – whether they are supporters of Chivas USA, Galaxy or any other team – who don’t see the sport getting enough coverage in the mainstream media.

    Um, and finally Joseph is actually a real person with separate, but strong opinions from my own; he is not my journalistic alter ego as you infer (jokingly, I hope).

  • Joseph D’Hippolito

    Thanks much, Nick.

    BTW, did you know that “Blatter” is Schweitzerdeutsch for “a–hat”?

  • Studs Up

    Thanx for clarifying Nick. I must be a super sensitive gaLAxy fan to seem to think that the only “commentary” I see from you is about the gaLAxy while the rest seem to get straight forward “reporting”. I think you are proving the point I was initially making about the Goats USA.

    Nobody cares if you rag on them, cause their fans are not reading nor commenting on this blog.

    So kudos to you as a smart columnist to pick on one soccer team in this area that will, sadly I must say, elicit some fan reaction. I know deep inside you ARE a gaLAxy fan hiding behind your press badge.

    In conclusion do let me insist on something here. I do appreciate all your efforts in covering all soccer things SoCal. That is the main reason I tune in. I’m just trying to have some fun with the Goat Nation (of one!) and YOU.

    PS1 – I still want to know if Joseph is related to Geno.

    PS2 – thanx for correcting my numerous spelling errors.

  • Joseph D’Hippolito

    No, Studs Up, I’m not related to Geno. At least, not directly or to my knowledge.

  • Studs Up

    No more Geno inquiries, thanx Joseph. Looking forward to your next open love note to Tim Leiweke.

  • James

    Studs Up eat s***. Goats USA has played better soccer then Beckham FC for the last 4 years. Galaxy who? lol. Are you worried about competition? Galaxy are a joke.

    Nick replies: Let’s keep this (relatively) clean, people. Thanks.

  • Studs Up

    Dear James,

    Thanx for waking up and joining the party before it gets buried in the archives. Let me correct you if I may. gaLAxy has not played a decent game of soccer since Cien retired.

    Re your Goats, talk @#$% to me once you pack the stadium with your herd every game. I hate to see any MLS franchise go belly up because of lack of support. I would have had a lot more respect for your organization if they would have taken the “USA” part of the team name to heart and gone with an All-American team (Latin or otherwise) to connect with lure of the real Chivas and not rely on a sleaze parade to attract “soccer” fans.

    Psssssssst……Nick are you enjoying this? Have I finally struck a nerve and added some spice to your blog?
    Buy me a $1 dog at the game. You owe me that.

    Nick replies: Check your e-mail.

  • Joseph D’Hippolito

    Looking forward to your next open love note to Tim Leiweke