Confederations Cup Final: U.S.-Brazil

It’s over: U.S. 2 Brazil 3

Coach Bob Bradley: “It feels pretty lousy to let this one get away.”

The Galaxy’s Landon Donovan: “We’re at the point where we don’t want respect. We want to win.”

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  • Nash McIntire

    Howard, you’re supposed to be a sportsman. Hard to keep cheering for our team after I see a legit Brazilian goal unaccounted for, and you shaking your finger saying NO, the ball didn’t go in. Really?? What a bad example for all those kids playing soccer and seeing the goalie CHEAT like that. And for nothing, since we lost anyway. Great game overall!

  • Ben

    Fantastic 1st half.

    Don’t know it it’s the Obama effect or just the refreshing down to earth attitude and hard work of the team and it’s players, but whether in Africa or here in Switzerland, the US won many fans and goodwill.

    Despite just missing out, feel proud and look forward.

    Donovan gave a great statement though.

  • Craig

    “What a bad example for all those kids playing soccer and seeing the goalie CHEAT like that.”

    What is Howard supposed to do? Stop play, run over to the referee and “ask” to allow the goal? Maybe you should actually think before you write. And when I say think, I mean with your OWN mind and not of your kids!

    Get over yourself!!! Sports are meant for entertainment, competition, exercise, etc. and NOT as a way to raise your kids!!!

    Actually I LOVE what Howard did. It’s part of the game. Your job as a player is to do as much as you can to bring a win to your team (obviously without harming your opponent). I would be disappointed if Howard did otherwise.

    After several questionable red cards and some questionable goals allowed (the 2002 hand ball to Germany), I thought it was great to actually get a call our way. Great effort by the USMNT, you made us proud!

  • Locoweed’s Soccer Cleats

    What a roller-coaster ride that was yesterday. Our guys were up 2-0 at the half and a part of me thought we could do this. But then there was that other part that kept saying – “this is Brazil, son”. Our guys played Brazil yesterday, played them hard and battled with them true. They just ran out of steam. I congratulate them for their efforts, their passion and their heart. They did us proud.

    For me the difference, as has always been the case, was the benches. BB holds off making subs because he knows what he has in reserve. Brazil brings on Elano and we bring on…Connor Casey? I hope this Gold Cup helps us determine what our bench is, because the Confed Cup has helped identified those who should be in the starting 11 less than ayear from now. Plue it looks like we may finally have a style of play.

    BB really needs to use the time remaining to seriously evaluate the pool and bring in the players who can help the cause. This was a huge learning experience for the young guns who did not play, but I don’t want any more free rides for guys to warm the pine. We need guys who can step in and contribute — help sustain the level of play when they are call upon as subs.

    Seeing our guys hurt and cry they way they did yesterday, says a huge deal. They did not want second place, no honorable mention. They WANTED this thing, and that’s how the hunger is born. They have felt the sting of the loss. They had it and it was TAKEN from them. They will grow stronger, wiser and hungrier from this experience. This is how championship sides are born — forged in the agony of defeat. For all the stick that have taken from this tourney, all the calls of “luck”, or the need for a “foreign coach”, or whatever…here’s hoping we just witnessed the birth of a championship side. These guys can do it, with the right parts and support our team can compete with anyone out there right now.

    We thank you guys. You did it for us, for the love of the colors, for the pride of the shirt and for the glory of your country. USA! USA!!