AEG Vs. Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dog Vendors Tonight in Carson

Carson code enforcement officer Glenn Miller confiscates the food – but not the cart – of a bacon-wrapped hot dog vendor outside last weekend’s Chivas USA SuperLiga game. Authorities plan to crack down again tonight.


Daily Breeze photos by Sean Hiller

The tentacles of Los Angeles-based Anshutz Entertainment Group extend throughout not only Southern California pop culture and civic life, but around the globe to include such figures as dead pop icon Michael Jackson and nominal Galaxy midfielder David Beckham.

But AEG, always it seems unnecessarily heavy-handed given their increasingly powerful and visible corporate profile, are now going after bacon-wrapped hot dog vendors at tonight’s Gold Cup doubleheader at Home Depot Center.

It’s always more about money than astute public relations for AEG who should think about improving the quality of the food and service inside the stadium.

Even better: AEG should try legitimizing some of these carts by providing the required access to running water and restrooms and slapping on an extra 75 cent charge rather than give their (over) paying customers another reason to gripe about bad sports teams, price gouging and plastic public realms like L.A. Live.

i-2dffc420dadda99765db22e30488b257-TN00-HotDogs-SH286.JPGSoccer fan Oscar Rodriguez is a bacon-wrapped hot dog devotee.

And so is former Daily Breeze food critic Chris Cognac:

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  • Ben

    1 VERY BIG reason more to dislike those AEG suits.

    I understand that there are certain risks of eating from a shopping cart improvised kitchen, however I have a choice if I want to or not.

    BWHDs might not be healthy, but they are one of the most delicious foods I’ve EVER had in my life.

    The AEG suits should “legalize” them instead!

    it seems, they are too thick to see that they could make good $ out if it.

    the food inside the stadium tastes like cardboard.

    no proper hot dogs, burgers or taccos or even fruits and all that.

  • Torrance Mom

    The food at the Home Depot Center is OVERPRICED and tastes like CARDBOARD! It is bad enough that parking is SOOOO overpriced! Love going to games but the ‘extras’ are way too pricey! HIRE THE FREAKIN HOT DOG VENDORS! The food is awesome!!!!! AEG is gonna lose more soccer fans if they don’t get their act together! Our family can only afford 2 or 3 games a year because of the ‘extras’ like parking. We would love to be there for all the Chivas USA games but AEG is all about the $$$$$. Too bad!

  • Joseph D’Hippolito

    All you need to know about AEG is the way they’re handling the Michael Jackson fiasc…er, memorial celebration.

    No class. No dignity. And sticking it to the City of Los Angeles for police and fire protection (“Mayor” Villara-caca should be defeated for re-election for allow AEG to do this).

    Surely, if “Onkel Phil” can own six teams simultaneously, he has the resources to pay for all expenses out of his own pocket.

    But NNNOOOOOOO!! He has to uphold the reputation of AEG: Amazing Enterprising Gougers.

  • Kingsnake

    So, on the day we celebrate freedom from tyranny what does the present government do? Harass people trying to make an honest buck, and make something positive out of their lives. (And then will turn around and complain that “they” are all on welfare …)

  • doraz

    @kingsnake: pls. don’t make this about the “tyranny” of the government. do these hot dog vendors have the proper licenses to be able to sell food to the public? if not, then why should they get away with it when other restaurants have rules and regulations that they must comply with? as far as i’m concerned, HDC security and the city of carson are only doing what they’re supposed to be doing.

    don’t get me wrong. i LOVE the BWHDs, and i’m sad to see them ago. i would rather AEG “look the other way,” but of course they won’t. they feel like they’re losing money to these vendors, and will use the guise of “following the rules” and not doing “anything wrong” to stop them.

    so, don’t make this into a government vs. the little guy scenario. the health dept. closes restaurants all the time b/c they don’t have the proper licenses or there are health code violations. why should the BWHD vendors be exempt from this? they’re hardly making an “honest buck” if they aren’t subject to the same rules and regs other restaurants are subjected to.

    if you really want to get to the real issue, blame it on AEG or specifically AEG’s contract with levy restaurants. that’s the real issue.

  • Kingsnake

    The same rules, regulations and fees the big guy sponsors “out of the goodness of his heart” (i.e., to keep the little guy out). You can afford that overhead when you are Mickey D’s. And if inspections are to protect the public, then why do restaurants that have multiple major violations allowed to continue to operate prior to their next inspection?

  • Daniel Williams

    I’ve eaten those hot dogs for years haven’t ever gotten sick. Hell I have eaten off carts and outdoor stands in many third world countries and never gotten sick once.
    This is just more AEG greed. What’s next doing away with the little tailgating we do now. Watch out for the AEG Gestapo.

  • doraz

    @kingsnake: not to single you out, but after reading your comments, i have to ask, seriously?

    so, in the restaurant business, youre either a mcdonalds who can apparently afford overhead (including permitting and license fees), or a street vendor who cant (b/c said mcdonalds is pushing you out of business).

    am i mistaken, but i thought many of the mcdonalds restaurants are actually franchises, and some of these franchises are family-owned, w/ch typically means, theyre not really a big guy.

    and i guess im equally mistaken when i pass other family-owned, mom and pop restaurants, who also pay said permitting and license fees b/c, based on your reasoning, that cant be right, b/c you know, the big guy is keeping the little guy out.

    by that reasoning, how do you explain zankou chicken, portos bakery, and harold and belles? theyre all family-owned and subject to the same rules, regulations, and fees that ALL restaurants must follow to stay in business. if street vendors are allowed to get away without following these regs or paying these fees, why cant all family-owned businesses that have worked their way up to become highly successful (or not) be exempt? i mean, i can name HUNDREDS of restaurants that are sole proprietorships or family-owned that are trying to make an honest buck and yet, still follow the law.

    as for the restaurants that have been kept open after receiving multiple violations, i cant comment on that b/c unless you start naming names, im not aware of any. i have seen restaurants closed down temporarily after violating some health or business code (just this year, the kogi BBQ trucks were banned from the OC b/c they did not have the proper health permits), so, to address your question, yes, inspections and health codes are there to protect the public.

    id like to know where you dine, though, if those restaurants are not closed down after violating a health code so i can stay away.

    again, this is not about the government trying to stop the little guy. this is about AEG trying to stop the little guy and using some bogus explanation to do so.