Galaxy-Revolution Post-Game

A young Revolution without six regulars, victims of their marathon schedule, and fielding a team with no outfield player older than 26, fell 1-0 to the Galaxy Saturday on a goal by debutant Alecko Eskandarian. It was the Galaxy’s second consecutive home one goal win.

Quotable: “To get these last two wins at home are very important,” said Galaxy Coach Bruce Arena. “It helps us move up the ladder a little bit, and position our team to be competitive for hopefully, a playoff run in the second half of the season.”

Here’s a little more from Eskandarian, who because he’s such a nice guy is a popular player among the press:

On his debut for the Galaxy –

“It’s always interesting when you go from one rival to another, but I’ve known so many of these guys from prior teams or national teams so it was very easy for me to come in and integrate with the squad.”

On his goal –

“We’ve got some very good crossers of the ball with this team so as a forward you just want to make runs and get on the end of them. Todd (Dunivant) served up a great ball and I had to finish it because it was such a great ball.

“I think me and Edson (Buddle) were doing well making runs because I felt we were losing them pretty often.”

Game story.

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  • Studs Up

    Very statisfying win for the G’s. Fans appreciate hard work and well earned points and that was evident last night. All you reporters/commentators need to do is lay off the free food and come down and sit with the fans once in a while to get the pulse of the game. We’re having fun, loving the effort these players are giving. Aleko can be a tremendous asset if he stays healthy. Football smarts, heart, grit, tenacity and a great personality. What else do you want? Great genes no doubt with his great Cosmos father Andranik.

    AJ and Omar are playing years beyond their age. AJ had his best game yet going against a tough opponent all night without giving an inch. Tremendous effort.

    Saunders makes me less nervous now with his solid performance but I wish the refs would force him to tuck his shirt in. It looks stupid.

    With Arena’s hint of some changes to come, solid play by youngsters and platooning of the old gaurd this team can do some damage.

    Also, hats off to coach Nichols and his young warriers for a great fight. Their back line is even younger than ours and they fought brilliantly. Alston is a tremendous prospect. If I’m not mistaken he broke his leg severly against Holland in the u17 world cup in Peru several years back and I think Igwe was also on that same team. They both have great futures ahead of them.

    Go gaLAxy, go MLS.

    Nick is there more than just “he felt ill” to Donovan’s absence? Is there a palace coup brewing?

    Nick replies: That’s what we in the media were wondering last night. But Arena brushed off any talk of conflict between the likes of Beckham, Klein and Donovan given their respective comments in Grant Wahl’s forthcoming book. Hmmm.

  • NC

    I can GUARANTEE you that Donovan’s being ill has NOTHING to do with Beckham, Galaxy or soccer.

    The man deserves his privacy.

  • Inigo Montoya

    I’m with Studs Up on the defense. For me, de la Garza was the most interesting story of the game for his fierce defending and refusal to back down. Like an old-fashioned Galaxy defender from 10 years ago.

    All without becoming reckless or belligerent like Kovalenko, which draws yellow cards and motivates opponents.

    I liked what I saw.