Final: Galaxy at New York Red Bulls

New York Red Bulls 1 Galaxy 3


Red Bulls Coach Juan Carlos Osorio should be fired for that wretched performance.

Does he feel embarrassed?

“Yes I do. Yes. I feel sorry. I apologize to the fans. Certainly the scoreline says that. Three-nil. We could at least have scored a goal (in the first half). At that particular time, my responsibilities are more than that. It’s just not feeling embarrassed. It’s trying to get back in the game and compete. And see if we can score and we did. And, we could have scored a second and it would have looked better that it was.”

On the other hand, the Galaxy (6-3-9) did exactly what they should do: quash the worst team (2-14-4) in MLS with their most emphatic victory of the season at a time when criticism of David Beckham hasn’t been this intense since he was sent off against Argentina in the 1998 World Cup. The first goal came in just the third minute; all came before the break. This was only half a game, but then, that was all the Galaxy needed.

The Galaxy have now pulled even with Chivas USA in the Western Conference..

Galaxy lineup – Donovan Ricketts, A.J. DeLaGarza, Gregg Berhalter, Omar Gonzalez, Todd Dunivant, Eddie Lewis (Chris Klein 85), David Beckham (Christopher Birchall 70), Stefani Miglioranzi, Landon Donovan, Edson Buddle, Alecko Eskandarian (Mike Magee 74).

AP Photosi-8468228a299a69dd93248847724ca50c-BecksNYRB.jpg

Random observations:
*Three MLS Goal of the Week candidates from Alecko Eskandarian, (that’s two goals in three Galaxy games now and it was done in front of family and friends; the big grin on the bench after he was subbed said it all) Landon Donovan and Eddie Lewis. You kids at home should note the strength of each shot came not from how hard it was hit, but the way it was hit. Sweet touches all.

*David Beckham had a quietly effective game. Good to see him getting booed. For one thing, it will motivate him; for another he deserves it. And was that Beckham clapping in the Red Bulls fans’ direction as he was subbed while they chanted a farewell with a naughty word and collectively extending their middle fingers? Good for him.

*Donovan Ricketts turned in yet another sparkling performance, notably on the stoppage time penalty kick. He is not just perceptive in his positioning, but intelligent and judicious in the balls he attempts to play (covering, yet not making an unnecessarily spectacular save on a shot that would have conceded a corner in the first half, was an example of his excellent decision-making).

*The Galaxy have depth! New signing Chris Burchall, Chris Klein and Mike Magee all came on as subs.

“This is a good squad of players,” a shirtless David Beckham told Fox Soccer Channel as a (similarly jerseyless) Landon Donovan looked on after the game. “Not just the starting XI, but there’s players that can come on and make an impact. When you’ve got players like that and when you’ve got players like Landon and Edson up front and other players we’ve got that can break through it makes a difference.”

Landon Donovan was making nice, too:

“I said last week not many teams get back a world-class player like that in the middle of the season. We knew David was going to help us. We got away from what we weren’t good at doing, which was talking and what we are good at doing, which is playing – so it was nice to be playing.”

*Omar Gonzalez continues to grow as a defender; did you notice his play during the game? Me neither. That’s the mark of an effective defender.

Tweeted Jozy Altidore at around 8:45 p.m.

“Finally back in florida about to home and sleep…what’s wrong with my red bulls??? Thanks for the love and support people! Night.”

Last word to Beckham:

“I’ve had a lot more boos before in games, a few tonight, but it’s to be expected. It’s sometimes nice to get the boos. It gives you some inspiration, especially when we play like we did and win like we did. Then the boos start to go away after a while.”

Game story.

Here are some of Grant Wahl’s post-game thoughts on his blog.

What are yours?

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  • Ben

    Agree with almost all what’s been written.

    Superb goals, nice moves at times especially that Alecko, Donovan, Birchall combo).

    Birchall and Alecko are great additions.

    Good to see you know who getting booed and game mostly going past him.

    NYRB is dreadfull atm

    3 points = nice

  • Rick

    didn’t see the game yet – other than the highlight reel here – but I think Gonzalez is the best thing that has happened to the Galaxy in a long time. Our center backs have not been good lately, Sanneh included. Gonzalez brings a strong, stable presence that was sorely lacking.

  • Studs Up

    Alecko’s goal was a copy of the 17 year old Pele’s in the 1958 World Cup. Well done. Love his presence on the team. That’s a real soccer player for you. Thanks to Toronto, Real Salt Lake and Goats USA for getting him healthy for us.

    Tremendous start to put a struggling team back on their heals. Important to play only a half game with another looming in 4 days.

    Donovan is in another zone now. Never seen anything like him in MLS before. He is actually improving with each game. His dribbling has improved dramatically. He used to lose the ball on the 3rd touch everytime but now he’s got that under control and explodes past defenders. Poor Pacheco never knew what hit him. Landon should be earning Beckhamesque salary now somewhere. I can’t see how we can hang on to him any more.

    Re Becks, very strange and quite ugly to see him wear short sleeves. He was effective only to take attention away from the other players otherwise he did nothing. His set ball strikes didn’t do any damage either. Usually on fake turf the ball sets up really nice but I don’t recall many effective hits by him. This dude is not a central midfielder who can control a game. I don’t know if Bruce can manage many 1-0 results with him in the line up. So the hustle factor and quick starts are paramount for this team.

    Birchall is going to be the key for the rest of the season. If he can bring some smarts and some good touches in the middle along with a Dema-like physicality then we may see this team hit their full stride. The back line will need his help a lot.

    Finally, thank you Red Bull fans for serenading our HERO all night long. Best sound track to a soccer game I’ve ever heard. Will it be released on a CD soon?

  • michael frech

    hey man, i was watching espn sportscenter this morning and your blog was quoted in the blog buzz section. didn’t know if you caught that? congrats!

    -michael f in santa monica

  • Artman

    Galaxy now have impressive depth! Birchall looked very good. Donovan a superbly active game. Very interesting how in the post game interview with Beckham and Donovan that Rogondino emphatically stated Galaxy CAPTAIN DONOVAN 2 or 3 times in front of Beckham. Nice dig.