Chivas USA Trade for Former Galaxy Midfielder Saragosa

Apparently trying to beef up a wimpy midfield, Chivas USA today sent Atiba Harris to Dallas in exchange for midfielder Marcelo Saragosa, who played for the Galaxy from 2004-2006.


Here’s a sprawling Saragosa playing against once and former teammate Paulo Nagamura last year in this Daily Breeze file photo.

“Marcelo is a talented and versatile player who gives us several options in midfield,” said Chivas USA Coach Preki. “He has a lot of experience in both Brazil and MLS.”

Harris, 24, who was slow and possessed a frequently inaccurate shot, was an oft-maligned player in the press box. He lasted 1 1/2 seasons with Chivas USA after coming over from Real Salt Lake making 42 appearances while nabbing five goals and seven assists in the process.

Saragosa, a six-year MLS veteran with the Galaxy and Dallas, has played 94 MLS games and notched two goals and six assists and counts as a domestic player. He’s a former teammate of Chivas USA midfielder Paulo Nagamura at Sao Paulo (remember that alleged partnership between the Galaxy and the famed Brazilian club) and the Galaxy. The Brazilian native also has a green card and counts as a domestic player.

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  • Studs Up

    Should change their name from Goats USA to Ex-Galaxy USA. I’ll ease up on them now, too many homeys are on-board.

  • James

    I am sure a lot of players in this league have played for the Galaxy. They have been around since the league started. Chivas USA gets the leftovers, which isn’t that much.

  • jamesey

    this deal makes no sense. Nagamura and Saragosa are the same player. You can’t have both on the field at the same time.