Trade Rumors: Galaxy’s Donovan to Italy’s Livorno?

Italy’s Livorno, back in Serie A this season, are reportedly eying Ricardo Clark and the Galaxy’s Landon Donovan.

With those rumors picking up colleague Phil Collin spoke to Donovan after training today:

“My agent has been in discussions with a lot of different teams, but at this point I’m not worried about that. I’m not going anywhere in the immediate future. I’m enjoying being the captain of this team and doing well with this team.”

And, naturally, Phil asked Landon whether he had spoken to David Beckham about the half time incident with the Riot Squad during Sunday’s AC Milan game:

“You guys just won’t let it go, will you? (almost a half-smile). I didn’t say a word to David. I didn’t know what had happened. He, I think, spoke to Bruce and it’s over. We’re moving on.”

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  • KingSnake

    I wonder if he is telling the truth about not speaking to Goldenballs. If he is telling the truth, and he did not talk to him, is it because he wants to hang Beckham out to dry? I just find it curious, because one of Donovan’s primary criticism’s of Beckham, in Wahl’s book, is that Beckham was a non-entity as a captain, never saying anything to the squad …

  • Beaten

    AEG should loan him out to AC Milan.

    They could probably collect $2-million bucks and schedule another friendly for next season.

    The “Rent-A-Player” program seems to be working out quite well for their bottom line…