The Ugly Truth

Mexico has a better “C” team than the U.S.

Good thing no-one cares about the Gold Cup anyway.

But no matter the competition or team the U.S. should never – never – lose 5-0 to Mexico. And certainly shouldn’t collapse on that scale, conceding five goals in just over 30 minutes.

How different would it have been if the likes of Rolling Hills Estates’ Robbie Rogers had converted first half chances?

It was the first time a team scored five goals against the U.S. since Czechoslovakia won by a 5-1 margin in the 1990 World Cup.

If this doesn’t motivate U.S. Soccer to lobby CONCACAF to move this tournament to an every four year rotation nothing will.

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  • Studs Up

    Ugly loss. I’m depressed. All things wrong with US soccer surfaced again.

  • High Pitch Eric

    Props to Mexico for winning the game. This loss was an Embarrassment for USA. No way to sugarcoat it. Mexico took our boys out behind the woodshed for a good ol’ fashioned beating.

    The no-names playing so-called “defense” for us on the back line should forever be banned from wearing the USA jersey ever again.

    That said, I don’t agree with Bradley’s strategy to take a “C” team to tournaments. Bradley did the same thing in 2007 when he focused on the Gold Cup (to qualify for the Confederations Cup) and then took a “C” team to Copa America. What good does it do to take a “C” team to get slaughtered in a tournament?

  • Eddie In So.Cal

    Come on, we can’t be that tough on Bradley or the fact that this team representing U.S. Soccer isn’t going to learn from a well deserved lesson…..

    You will see many of these players surface on the First Team for years to come. MLS is a very young league and to expect total success so soon is not fair.

    Ching, Beckerman, Holden, Cooper and others, these guys needed this humbling lesson. Unfortunately it comes at a time when the U.S. is on a World Stage. But the Gold Cup is not as important as the Qualifying Match with Mexico in August at El Azteca.

    I have had to suffer right along with the rest of us Mexican/Americans for many many years when we were constantly compared to all the great U.S. achievements like Lunar Landings, but not being able to put a soccer ball into a net…..

    I am a Loyal U.S.A. Soccer Fan and any chance I get to show Family that we are Serious about U.S. Soccer is a plus for me. So lets show some Positive Solidarity and Patience and Praise for what we have recently accomplished at the Confederations Cup and even in this latest Tournament.

    Lets not throw the Baby out with the Bath Water just yet.

    We are going down to MexVille with some vengeance on our minds and I believe we will play an excellent match. To win in the Azteca will be a first and if we win big thats even sweeter…..

    So Onward and Upward with U.S.A. Soccer!