Thursday Kicks

*An excellent Landon Donovan profile is here. I’m betting LD heads to Europe sooner rather than later.

Which reminds me – have you cast your vote yet for the Honda Player of the Year poll? Do it here.

Lastly, the Cal State Northridge men won their conference opener against UC Riverside Wednesday and next face New Mexico. More here.

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    Is that first picture in the story of Donovan? Full head of blond hair and hairy arms…. I think it is him, but it sure doesn’t look like him

  • I call your Landycakes to Europe (for the fourth time), and raise you a “coming back with tail between legs” (for the fourth time) …

  • Nell

    Wow, KingSnake, you’re a big bad internet tough guy. I’m impressed.

    Yes, UCLABZ, that’s Landon in the top picture. When he was with the U17s, they used to bleach their hair before a tournament to signify togetherness. I’ve seen pics of him and Beasley with bleached hair. Then LD kept doing it a few times when he was in MLS.

  • Studs Up

    He also took off his jersey after scoring a goal in an All Star game to reveal a sports bra he was wearing as homage to Brandy Chastain – if that’s important for anyone.

    Can Landon succeed in Europe? Well, that will be a tall order. Is he good enough to take a very important spot on the field for a top notch team in the weekly grind of league play? I am not sure because of the type of game he plays. Yes, he is quick, has a decent first touch and strikes the ball well but he doesn’t have great one-on-one moves when play slows down and he loses the ball way too much on his dribbles, specially with his third touch. I can see him as an effective utility player but not a player that can dominate. Is that good enough for him to stick it out over there, I don’t think so. I love to see him prove me wrong but I’d rather he stays with LA and become a legend.

  • *shrug*

    Past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior.

    Sorry if that burst’s your Tiger Beat bubble, Nell.