Report: WPS Sol $2 Million in Red, WPSL Ajax “Broke”

That’s according to Brian Boswell, coach of the Rolling Hills Estates-based Women’s Professional Soccer League club Ajax America (for years now one of the top women’s teams in the nation and a WPSL finalist again last year) and a sometime contributor to this blog.

The revelations were contained in what is essentially a begging letter circulating via e-mail that seeks to ensure the continued existence of Ajax.

Boswell also has close ties to the Sol and it’s the first-time I’ve seen semi-confirmation from someone associated with the team regarding the long-rumored magnitude of the team’s losses.

Still, Anschutz Entertainment Group, which has part ownership of the Sol, has committed to the team for at least one more season and the club will play next year at Home Depot Center again from what I’ve heard.

Here’s the text of Boswell’s e-mail exactly as he wrote it:

Hi Everyone,

Please excuse this mass e/mail but many of you have watched the Ajax women play and/or participated in 1 or more of the Ajax Academies.

Ajax is one of the top women’s teams in the world. Last year we were the LA SOL’s reserve team and had 11 of the SOL players on our roster. We have been US Soccer National Champions 6 times, WPSL national Champions twice in the last 9 years and in the WPSL final 4 of the last 4 years.

Ajax is broke.

Each year we have been able to raise money through the Academies and some wonderful sponsorships. Plus 4 years ago we won $20,000 playing in an international tournament in Korea which we have been using.

For Ajax to play next season we need to raise a minimum of $12,000. This covers league fees, field fees, travel fees, referees fees etc. Notice no coaching fees.

We were hoping this year we would get financial support from the LA SOL but its possible there will not be an LA SOL. They lost over $2 million last season and may not be around for next year. Leaving Ajax as the best women’s soccer you will be able to see locally.

Obviously we would love to find 1 sponsor who would donate the whole $12,000 but we realize that is probably impossible but please feel free to be that sponsor. Realistically we are hoping to find 120 families who would be willing to donate $100 each to the Ajax team.

We hope there are enough of you who have watched and enjoyed Ajax playing that you would want it to continue. We have never charged admittance, just hoped you would come up, watch and enjoy.

Please let me know if you would like to donate or have any ideas that we could use to raise the money.

Please consider this and please pass this onto anyone you feel could help or anyone we have missed.

Any donations are tax deductible.

Thank you all for your support in the past and hopefully the future.



Brian Boswell Ajax

Brian’s telephone number is listed on the team’s page, BTW, for anyone who wants to help or get in touch with him.

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  • JBT

    I’m pretty sure the greedy scumsuckers, err, I mean businessmen of AEG could use the write off…

  • Joseph D’Hippolito

    They sure could, JBT…especially since Phil Anschutz wants to include political influence in his portfolio. He purchased The Weekly Standard, a conservative opinion journal, and wants to position as a conservative alternative to newspapers and liberal Web sites.

    Read this from

  • Jason

    They just write it off!

    You don’t even know what a write-off is, do you?

    No, but they do. And they’re the ones writing it off.

    It’s lazy, lazy, lazy, lazy fanboyishness to just assume that everybody WITH money is perfectly happy to LOSE money because it helps them on their taxes. That’s only true to a point.

    Much better to just get in the political nonsense.

    And here’s another point: if you have to beg for operating capital, maybe the free market is telling you that YOU shouldn’t be around next year.

  • Booch

    Nice of Mr. Green to hopefully increase the awareness of this situation with Ajax. For only 12 grand some local south bay business(s) can help sustain an important part of the so cal soccer fabric. I know I’m gonna work like heck to help these guys. The only criticism I have in Mr. Green’s write-up is the choice in words … “begging letter”.
    Maybe that’s what it is, but the connotation is derogatory and sounds like someone in the alley with their hat in their hand. Give em a break Nick.
    As for the Sol, all I can say is this is the second experiment in a Women’s Professional League and my sense going in was that the business folks had developed the business model to sustain the league under very tight financial projections – of course our economy hit a speed bump and I can only hope the Sol and the League can stick it out through this tough period.

  • Joseph D’Hippolito

    Jason, I happen to hold what could be called “conservative” political and religious beliefs. But I’m not blind to what’s going on. I believe Anschutz is trying to be the conservative version of George Soros, another arrogant billionaire who wants to use his money to further his political ambition (which doesn’t necessarily include elective office, obviously).

    Of course, neither Anschutz nor anybody else likes to lose money on business propositions. But as far as tax writeoffs are concerned, they can be valuable in the short term to establishing something that *might* be sustainable on its own in the long term — like opinion journals, Web sites or even soccer teams!

    You see, Jason, not all of us approach this from a “fanboy” perspective (whatever that means). Some of us actually have eyes and brains and can see things for ourselves.

  • It is Women’s Premier Soccer League don’t even mixed with Pro’s. The amateurs only play in this league.