Saturday Galaxy Gameday

The possibilities are endless for tonight’s game in terms of where the Galaxy will end up in the standings.

The Earthquakes will be looking to put a season that initially promised so much behind them. Personally, I think the biggest mistake was getting rid of Ronnie O’Brien, but whatever.

Finally, I caught up with former Galaxy Coach Frank Yallop after the Earthquakes’ game against Chivas USA at the HDC last weekend and asked him to assess his old club:

“They’ve done well the Galaxy this year – they made the playoffs, which is everyone’s hope and dream before you start the season so they’ve done well. They’ve stuck to the task early in the season when it was touch and go in some of the games. They got good draws and hung in there, grinding a few points out and then they got the wins when they needed them and all of a sudden they were like ‘oh, we’re doing alright.’

“The Galaxy are well-balanced, they’re very organized and Landon is on his game – he just needs a split second to do anything, he’s dangerous. … The team is playing well, they’re confident. …. One good thing is they’ve had stability in the back, they’ve had the same goalkeeper nearly all year, the same back four, the same guys around. I thought Stefani (Miglioranzi) was playing terrific before he got injured.”

BTW, the game is delayed on TV tonight until 9 p.m. on FSN, so check back for live blogging (and tweeting) from Carson.

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  • RRR

    So, is Becks alright? You mentioned ice on his leg the other day.
    Also, FSN? Do you mean FSC? They’re set to show a different game. I see nothing on TVGuide about the Galaxy game on any channel, fox included.

  • I haven’t heard that Becks is hurt, so it seems we’ll see him tonight. The game is delayed until 9 p.m. on Fox Sports West.

  • RRR

    For the record, I’m in FLA and have DirecTV,so I got the time wrong when looking, but I found it at 10:30 ET on CSNCA…I guess that’s Compact Sports, and yes, it is on FSW: delayed. I’m not hopeful though. Every time I look forward to viewing it on that channel, it turns out it’s been blacked out in my area. Darn shame.
    Good job Nick. I read your blog, and I’m sure many do, but most don’t post.