Galaxy-Earthquakes Postgame

Game story.

Notable: The Galaxy set a new club record tonight for shutouts – 12. Quite a turnaround from last year when the team had just two – a club-record low for a season.

Here’s former Galaxy Coach Frank Yallop on his old club’s playoff outlook –

“They’re well-organized. The big difference in any team is a person like Landon. He makes a good team very good. … They’re difficult to break down, they’re difficult to beat here and that’s going to be important.”

Key stat: Last year the Galaxy allowed a league-worst 62 goals; this year they allowed exactly half that number – 31.

Bonus quotes:
Here’s Landon Donovan reflecting on the season –

“I think back to the beginning of the year when we had all those ties in a row. And I think we were all a little disappointed that we weren’t winning games, but you look back now and three, four, five of those ties have made a difference putting us where we are today. I think we were close then and now we’ve become a complete team and we’re playing very well.”

Here’s Landon Donovan on that smash and grab second goal that started with goalkeeper Donovan Ricketts –

“We’ve become good at hitting things quickly like that and we’ve got some guys with pace, we’ve got good passers and we have that ability to catch teams quickly with a lot of their team already out of the play. It makes a big difference.”

Here’s David Beckham on the performance –

“We’ve played better in games, we’ve passed the ball better in games, but y’know we won the game. It pleased the fans and made us top so y’know we don’t stop here there’s still a lot of work to be done, but we’re happy with the position we’re in.”

Here’s Dema Kovalenko on his tough year that saw him struggle with injuries that restricted him to 14 appearances and two assists –

“It was a very difficult season. I’m just so happy. I pray every day – I thank every day. I’m just glad I’m back playing at the right time. Hopefully, my leg is better. I’m not 100 percent – I miss a long time.”

Here’s Donovan on the comparison between the last Galaxy team to make the playoffs in 2005 and this year’s model –

“This team is a lot further ahead. That year we snuck into the playoffs and I remember Chivas and Salt Lake were expansion teams and the majority of our wins came against those teams. This year we’ve beaten everybody, we’ve beaten the good teams, we’ve beaten the teams we should be beating and I think we have a good foundation for the future. We’ve got everything to gain this year and we have a real chance to win. We’re gonna go for it.”

Here’s Donovan on his U.S. Player of the Year & Decade awards –

“I’m very proud of it. I’ve worked very hard especially over the last three years to get where I am today and it doesn’t mean I’m done, but it’s a big honor for sure.”

Here’s Beckham on his fuzzy face and whether he’s heard that growing a beard is a bit of a playoff ritual over here –

“I only heard about it the other day. Halloween is coming up and I was thinking of Wolverine. It’s nothing to do with any playoff ritual, I’m just lazy – I can’t be bothered to shave. And everyone keeps telling me to cut it, so I’m stubborn.”

Finally, the last word goes to Donovan on the Galaxy profile coming into the playoffs –

“I can’t imagine anyone wants to play us right now.”

Updated 1:20 a.m.: Scratch that. Let’s give the last word to Chivas USA midfielder Sacha Kljestan who throws down the gauntlet via Twitter – “In bed… LA locked up 1st place so were playing for 2nd tomorrow… dreaming of goals.”

Good night.

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  • Moon


    I never thought LA would get this far i.e. No.1 in the West in this year either after all of those disaster that happened in the last year.

    But you know what..I am NOT surprised at all! Coz..LA managed to get the top spot for a while last year coming in to May-June..but because they were lacked in depth and had the worst ever defence in the league..they had to settle with the last place and allowing MOST goals in the league while AT THE SAME TIME they were the No.1 team with the goals scored!!!

    It was weird isn’t it?

    But thank God Bruce Arena managed to see the problem and able to fix it..and Tim Leiweke/AEG also realized their own faults and stayed back this time and allowed Arena to do his work. And one important factor was that AEG decided to give Arena the power of both Manager and the Coach – and that’s what make the big difference to the team!

    We all know that both DB and LD are already as great as they are..but all they need is a solid team behind them to make a difference and they got it this year. And all of the players this time really made a difference from top to bottom, from the pitch to the bench.

    So congratulations to ALL of the players and Galaxy staff! You deserve the No.1 spot as you should be..and I know you can get the Cup too!


  • Inigo Montoya

    Nick, in one of your comments earlier, you said Chris Klein seemed to be out of favor with Arena right now. I wonder if you were as surprised as I was to see Arena sub him in.

    But it made me very happy. I’ve said here before that Klein is one of the best on the team at getting the ball to Donovan, especially on counters and breakouts. (Best except *maybe* Beckham.) And sure enough, there was the second goal on a beautiful breakout. It was Donovan’s goal, but Klein was the guy who set it up.

    Here’s hoping Houston beats Chivas, and the Gs get Chivas in the first round. It would be a good way to start the playoffs.