Galaxy Announce Beckham Loan Deal to AC Milan

Supposedly he’ll be back in mid-July 2010, after the World Cup concludes.

i-cff6b2b7591dd8245eb026352a7b562d-beckhamlakers.jpgBeckham found time to take in the Lakers game Sunday after playing in one of his final appearances at the HDC before heading to Italy. Son, Brooklyn, looked unimpressed though. (AP Photo)

He’ll join Milan Dec. 28 after the Galaxy’s post-season tour and remain with the Italian club through the end of their season in May.

“After the wonderful experience of last season we are very happy to see David Beckham again wearing the red and black colors,” said Adriano Galliani, Vice President and CEO of AC Milan. “We are confident his loan spell will not only improve Milan, it will help the player to take part in the World Cup in South Africa and continue to enhance his career in North America with the LA Galaxy. We would like to thank the Galaxy and MLS for their co-operation and understanding.”

Here’s Becks:

“I need to give myself the best chance possible to make the World Cup squad and playing for Milan on loan will help me to do that,” Beckham said. “I genuinely enjoyed my time at Milan and I look forward to meeting the players and staff again. I’m thankful to Tim Leiweke and Bruce Arena for allowing me this opportunity. I’m committed to LA Galaxy and MLS in the long term and remain as passionate as ever about growing the game of soccer in America . I’m completely focused on ending this season on a high note with my club by winning the MLS Cup.”

So another season of Beckham-era ticket prices then, but the team will be without Beckham for all but 11 games or so (which is what he managed this season).

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  • Nell

    If I hear David Beckham say one more time how “committed” he is to the Galaxy and MLS, grrr….

    I really, really wish he’d just stay at AC Milan forever. In fact, he played so “good” for the Galaxy yesterday, I wish he were on the plane now.

  • Joseph D’Hippolito

    So another season of Beckham-era ticket prices then, but the team will be without Beckham for all but 11 games or so…

    Nick, that’s why I call AEG, “Amazingly Enterprising Gougers.”

  • Beaten

    Any details on what Milan gave the Galaxy for this deal?

    We already know what’s in it for the LA fans…

  • Studs Up

    Could someone please come up with a ticket price table for all the MLS teams? Number of seats per each catagory would be nice too. Average attendance was recently announced. Maybe some interesting facts would pop up.

  • He also found time to visit some Middle East country to paint with his feet:

    Good signing MLS.

  • Joseph D’Hippolito

    Nick, I wonder if Il Becks is going to take Tim Leiweke with him to Milan? I hear that I Fascisti are looking for an intern. Tim’s a little old to be an intern, I know, but he could learn a lot from Il Duce’s personal and managerial skills.

    Besides, I’d love to see Tim with a shaved head…;D