Final: Chivas USA at Galaxy

Galaxy 1 Chivas USA 0

Chivas ch-ch-chokes (again)

Galaxy advance to play Houston at 8 p.m. Friday in Carson.

Dema Kovalenko made a crude gesture as the final whistle blew toward the Chivas USA bench as if to say, “we screwed you again.”

Chivas USA Coach Preki blew his top and tried to get to Kovalenko. That’s a league fine for unsportsmanlike conduct, methinks (for Dema, not Preki).

Beckham received a huge ovation as he left the field, BTW. The difference a few months (and wins) make, huh?

More later.

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  • chris

    What was the crude gesture? Did he flip them off?

    Even if he did, a coach going after a player like that is still a bit over the top. Of course, Preki has always seemed like a serious douchenozzle.

  • Inigo Montoya

    Stay classy, Dema.

    Aside from Donovan’s PK, the two best shots taken by the Galaxy both came from Chris Klein, the last of them right before he came off. Klein may be a step slow, but there’s nobody with better focus or commitment, and his skills are still good. He made Donovan and Beckham better tonight.

    Beckham has earned my respect. Not my affection, but my respect. He worked his butt off and had some great passes.

    At least four G shots that woulda coulda shoulda, including from Donovan and Beckham.

    Houston will be harder.

  • The gesture was, um, a little hip motion, shall we say.

    BTW, I asked Dema about it in the locker room afterward and said, “you screwed them again, huh?”

    He smiled wryly without actually saying anything.

  • Caasi Gohd

    yeah, but come on, this is the same Preki who threw a fit because Landon “celebrated in front of” him during last year’s 5-2.

    If Preki doesn’t like being on the wrong end of these displays from the G’s maybe he should train his team better so that they don’t lose.

  • PocketKings

    Agree with IM, but we should have put away our chances to score. We just didn’t have the final touch tonight. It was a good game. Only an idiot like the half time analyst would say that GALAXY was the “dominant” team. It took 2 games and a penalty kick for GALAXY to advance past CHIVAS USA this year.

    I am waiting on pins and needles to hear about whether or not Preki stays with us. There are a lot of fans on SOCCER INSIDER that are hoping he goes to DCU. I like his passion, but I wish our front office had the $$$ to match it with maybe another quality player or two.

    Lahoud had a wonderful season, and played with a lot of composure, especially under pressure. We need a new RWM, because Padilla isn’t cutting it. Braun needs to have a good offseason and work on his game (maybe send him to Brazil to play a little FUTSOL to work his touch and decision making). NAGAMURA is the man, no doubt. I hope we keep SANTOS and CUESTA (even if he needs a little more composure and decision making) on loan.

    And even if we “ch-ch-choked” again (I’ll take it as a compliment Nick because it means that we should have won, and we didn’t) we are a strong team, and with a couple of tweeks, we will get past the first round in the near future.

  • PocketKings

    Caasi Gohd said:”If Preki doesn’t like being on the wrong end of these displays from the G’s maybe he should train his team better so that they don’t lose.”

    So its ok to be disrespectful if you win? How about just being a professional and celebrating inside the locker room? But if the tables were turned you’d be hooping and hollering about how CHIVAS USA are a bunch of bums and dirtbags… blah blah blah.

    If I were you, I wouldn’t be patting Dema on the back. I’d be worrying about how ODURO and the Dynamo will be slicing threw your CBs like butter.

    Like the old saying goes: My two favorite teams are CHIVAS USA and whoever is playing the Galaxy. Good luck DYNAMO.


    “That’s a league fine for unsportsmanlike conduct, methinks (for Dema, not Preki).”

    Dema was pretty classless… but are you kidding me? A coach coming off the bench and going after a player… Preki deserves whatever the league gives him.

  • PocketKings

    Cassi Gohd…
    Thank you for proving my point!

    But mind yourself, you just called a 6-year veteran of the US Military and High School Teacher a bum and a dirtbag.

    I don’t care that you don’t like my team, just watch the generalizations you make.

    I hear Karma is a b*tch.

  • This is perhaps a good time to remind folks that name calling will not be tolerated on this blog. Debate, argue, joust verbally, but let’s have a level of discourse a cut above the crap we see on the vast majority of bulletin boards.

    I will delete posts that merely insult others (your post is now gone Cassi).

    And while we’re at it, let’s keep four-letter words to a minimum as well and it goes without saying that sexism, racism and most other isms are not welcome either.

    Thanks to all for keeping it clean.

  • Caasi Gohd

    Oh, come on, that was a joke!! It was just the first thing that popped to my head and made me laugh when I read his comment about “bums and dirtbags”

    I understand you had to clean it up Nick and humor often doesn’t translate well to text comments so no huge complaints there, but man, talk about thin skin.

    I’ll keep it clean in the following:

    I suppose all the “civility” is nice and all, but maybe Chivas fans should reconsider hyping up their match with us as a “Super Clasico” or a derby of any kind. If Dema’s “hip movement” and on-field celebrations is what they find “classless” then they’re probably not ready for a ‘hated rival’ — might I recommend a knitting buddy?

    Just curious if you’ve met the elements in your support that like to throw piss bags, batteries, bottles, attack rival fans, attack fans of the same team, attack women, and steal other fans’ property?

    By the way, there’s no mention of the way Sacha Kljestan was baiting Dema Kovalenko all game long, is there? I’m quite certain if I were being intentionally provoked like that all game long, yeah, I’d probably consider throwing a wink at Chivas USA’s coach at the end of the game.

  • Thanks for the explanation, Caasi. Perhaps I misinterpreted.

  • Studs Up

    I take full credit for this win. Bruce finally listened to me and broke up the Donovan/Beckham tandem in the middle of the park.

    Tense, nervous, edge of the seat playoff action. Tremendous effort by both teams. Great stuff. The rivalry has been kicked up a knotch. Can’t wait until next year’s face-offs

    I was still nervous watching the replay later at home.

    Dema was huge in the middle but no one has ever accused him of being classy, y’know.

  • PocketKings

    Union Ultras don’t need to throw batteries or bottles… that’s why we don’t associate ourselves with the Legion. It would do you well to remember there is a difference.

    I certainly don’t have any problems with the Angel City Brigade. They’re just as “clean” as we are. I wouldn’t say fans calling the goalie names is the same as trying to bait a bench full of the opposing team into starting a fight or throwing objects at players.

    I can’t speak for the Galaxians, but the Riot Squad sure has a reputation for being just as class-less as the Legion.

    But if you are a grown man, and you just rubbed salt in someone else’s wounds, then you are going to envoke the worst behavior out of others. That’s just common sense…

    And bye the bye… We don’t hype up the “SuperClassico,” that was all MLS and ESPN. But when the Riot Squad put on airs of superiority based on quasi-racist ideas… well then even the toughest skin wears a little thin.

    This game should be seen as two Carson teams playing against each other… not an “America” vs “South of the Border” game. Can you tell the difference?

  • Joseph D’Hippolito

    I’m just sitting back and watching this thread, folks, sipping on an iced tea.

    This reminds me of a quote from Zadok on “Space Ghost Coast to Coast” on Cartoon Network more than a decade ago:

    “To the death, you toads! Spread the hatred far and wide!”

  • Caasi Gohd

    Still no mention of Sacha Kljestan’s provocations of Dema Kovalenko over the course of both games. I believe we were 3 minutes into the first game when Sacha went after Kovalenko with a hard tackle.

    Dema Kovalenko held his composure in check for 180 minutes and in the end he added a little juice to the victory, but he only really had to say the same thing I’m about to say:

    Scoreboard. LA 1-0 Chivas.

  • Chivas fan

    LA 2-Chivas USA 2

    Clearly the best way for the galaxy to win was a joke of a pk.

    If you consider that a deserved win Caasi, your still pathetic. Besides been a galaxy fan.

  • GiveMeTheGalaxy

    “Clearly the best way for the galaxy to win was a joke of a pk.”

    Magee would have scored if it weren’t for the blatant foul. 5 yellow cards…. eventually fouls will occur in the box. If you really had the Keeper of the year he would have blocked it anyway.

    “If you consider that a deserved win Caasi, your still pathetic. Besides been a galaxy fan”

    check the Chivas record against the Galaxy, face it, your team sucks. Hope you enjoy the rest of your season like we are gonna!


    Chivas Fan –

    I love Chivas… but that foul had to be called. If Cuesta did any more it could have been considered a felony in 18 states.

  • Studs Up

    Yellow card should have gone to Magee for not side-volleying that cross first time. But that’s one time his slowness was rewarded by the foul. He’s so slow that it took a look at Kirovsky to remind him to go down. Very comical time-delayed dive but a foul none the less.

  • Caasi Gohd

    3 wins for Galaxy, 2 draws, 0 wins for Chivas.

    12 wins for Galaxy, 5 draws, 3 wins for Chivas.