Tuesday’s Column: Galaxy no Longer Far, Far Away

Read it here.

College soccer tournament games announced Monday:
* USC and UCLA women’s details here.

*CSUDH women’s and men’s details here

* Cal State Northridge men

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  • I’m on medication. I think it’s showing.

  • Yeah, I actually spoke to Esky in the locker room after the game. He’s under dr.’s orders not to play again this year, but said he would return next season. And yes, it’s a concussion.

  • Studs Up

    A sympathatic column about the Galaxy? Caught me off guard, not used to it.

    Update us on Birchall’s illness.
    Who’s on the bubble with yellow cards for all remaining teams?


  • Inigo Montoya

    Well done piece, Nick, and exactly right about the “enigmatic” and “underachieving” ones up top with Donovan. Magee was less of a factor Sunday than he sometimes is, tho he did take a heck of a punch to set up the penalty.

    It shows what might have been with a healthy Eskanderian as one more offensive threat. I keep thinking of that beautiful goal against NY in July. Is he even training any more? Is it a concussion issue?

  • PocketKings

    So does, “Our City, Our Home” mean a name change is in the works (the Carson Galaxy or the LA County Galaxy?) or will AIG be refurbishing the Coliseum? šŸ˜‰

    Just out of curiosity, how many teams in MLS actually play within the city limits they represent?


  • Joseph D’Hippolito

    The words “entitlement” and “misplaced overconfidence” accurately describe the players’ attitude under the regime of the L and L boys, Lalas and Leiweke, who fostered that attitude. Arena not only restored a sense of sanity around the team but got Leiweke the Hell out of the way. For that, alone, Arena should be coach of the year.

    BTW, Nick, you don’t have apologize for being on meds. Leiweke’s been on them since he was about, oh, 4-years old, maybe?

  • Birchall’s illness does not appear to be an issue for Friday’s game – he wasn’t listed in this week’s injury report.

  • Studs Up

    Thanx on the Birchall update, saw pics of him at practice.

    Can you dig into the yellow card policy in the playoffs. Will 2 accumulated cards carry over to final? There could be a bunch of front line players at risk. Never forget the Dan Calichman suspension that cost us the first Cup in ’96.

  • Studs Up:

    here’s your answer, courtesy of the helpful folks at Galaxy media relations:

    “Chris Birchall got a yellow card in Game #1, but not Game #2 therefore he is not on any warning.

    “Sean Franklin played a clean Game #1, but was booked in Game #2 therefore, if he is booked on Friday, he will receive a fine, but will not be suspended for MLS Cup.

    “The only way a Galaxy player can be suspended for MLS Cup is if he is red carded on Friday or is punished for something by the Disciplinary Committee.

    “For Houston, Mike Chabala is suspended for Fridays game after getting a yellow card in both games against Seattle, while Geoff Cameron is in the same situation as Sean.”

    Hope that helps,