• The Wolf

    Great column this week Nick! I was also confused as to why Dunnivant was left unprotected in lieu of Berhalter making the protected list. I always thought that Gregg was a stop-gap solution and not a long term option. I do love the guy’s passion and leadership qualities, but that inevitable decline in form is looming.

  • Studs Up

    Good observations but the how too is the key. Galaxy is hamstrung by the DP-reduced budget. It’s very difficult to find mid-priced yet effective talent. We definitely need to jettison some older guys but cannot deplete our ranks from experienced leadership. Next year is going to be a tougher season with addtional non-league games we have to play and depth will be essential. Tough job for any coach/GM.

  • PocketKings

    Are you going to write a similar column for Chivas USA and what they need to do? Or are you going to wait until a new head coach is announced to give us our in depth review?

    Is the club ready to bring more players up from the academy? I noticed a few unprotected Central Defenders for the Philly draft list. I know Johnny B can play the position if we need it, but he will be pulling USMNT duty this summer and that leaves us a little weak in the back? Or because Philly can only take one player from us, Chivas will either have Thomas or Curtin to pair with Cuesta?

  • Yeah, exactly I’ll wait until a new coach is hired.

  • Studs Up


    Start a campaign to dissuade your club from hiring the idiot Sampson. They won’t have any credibility left if they do. Just neighborly advice.