The Galaxy’s Last Day of School

Was Tuesday.

The team held a final meeting with Coach Bruce Arena. Players cleaned out their lockers. And they spoke with the media one last time to wrap up the season.

Reporter Phil Collin was there and filed this report.

Phil e-mailed me a few quotes that didn’t fit in his piece for space reasons.

Here’s Landon Donovan on the disappointment of losing MLS Cup:

“I would say I was as disappointed as I’ve ever been to lose a game and thinking back on it the reason is for the first time in my career I put everything I had into something and when it doesn’t come off the way you want it’s every disappointing to completely dedicate yourself to something like that and not turn out the way you want, it’s hard.”

Here’s defender Todd Dunivant on being left exposed in today’s MLS Expansion Draft:

“Any time you’re left unprotected it’s going to make you take notice. That stuff’s out of your control and it comes out of a numbers game sometimes and different things. There’s reasons for it and we’ll see what happens.”

Here’s David Beckham on the possibility of Landon Donovan not returning next year:

“There’s a chance of that every season with Landon because teams are going to be interested in him in Europe and in different places around the world. (After) the last game of the season last year people was expecting it and he obviously (went) to Germany and came back.

Landon can play in many leagues in the world and many teams in the world. There’s always a chance of a good player moving on and if he does obviously good luck to him because he’s done exceptional this season.”

Here’s Beckham on his physical condition at the end of the season:

“You always feel worn out at the end of the season and that’s a part of it. Any athlete would say the same – you don’t get to the end of the season and feel fresh because if you do, there’s something wrong with the effort that you give through the season.

“I’ll go straight into European season, which for me starts in December. I should be fine with it. I’ve played 65 games a year for the last 20 years so nothing changes for me. Obviously I’m a bit older but physically I’ve looked after myself wherever I am the way I
eat the way I drink the way I prepare.

“I’ve got a slight case of asthma which I’ve had for years. It just never came out. I’ve never talked about it, no reason to talk about it. That’s just me.”

Here’s Coach Bruce Arena on next year’s roster ahead of the draft:

“We think we kept a nucleus of players that we want to have around next year. Having said that all that the others we haven’t protected we expect to have them back because at the most you can only lose one player. We’re hopefully we come out of the expansion draft in good shape.”

While we’re at it, here’s a couple of Galaxy-related stories that shed some light on the team and franchise including:
*The roots of midfielder Dema Kovalenko’s close relationship with Arena.

*England’s Observer was the latest newspaper to profile Southern California’s Wizard of Oz – AEG owner Phil Anschutz.

I’ll be back later today with a draft update. Let’s hope the Union don’t swipe Dunivant – but they’ll be dumb if they don’t.

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