The Lowdown on Chivas USA’s New Coach

i-422cbbe354f60f328beae8d82310f954-martin.jpg From Soccer America’s Ridge Mahoney.

Even though the official announcement is still an hour or so away, this is pretty similar to any column I would have written so I thought I’d link to it here.

One correction: Galindo speaks and understands English just fine. He’s just a little shy and doesn’t let on that he does with people he isn’t familiar with.

Updated – Chivas USA just confirmed the appointment of Vazquez as the club’s coach:

“I am honored to return to Chivas USA as the club’s new head coach,” he said. “I was a part of this team at the very beginning, and have seen it make great strides in the last few years. The club is in a strong place and still has a great deal of potential. This is a wonderful opportunity, and I can’t wait to get started.”

The club’s reaction:

“Martn is a talented coach who has a deep knowledge and understanding of Chivas USA, Major League Soccer and professional soccer both in the United States and abroad,” said Stephen Hamilton, Chivas USA’s Vice President of Soccer Operations. “He’ll be able to continue the progress that we’ve made in the last few years, and build on our success. We’re pleased to welcome him back to the Chivas USA family.”

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  • Josie

    Great move by Chivas USA. Truly a fan favorite. People need to chill out if they think Chivas USA will go back to its old ways. Martin should be ready to lead this team to victory.Wouldn’t be surprised if we made the playoffs for the 5th time. I hope he brings back an attacking mentality to this club.

  • Josie

    Nick thats just awful. A piece about Chivas USA and quotes from Lalas lol. This guy is a clown & whatever comes out of his mouth is annoying or distasteful. Haven’t you watched ESPN2. Oh yeah, have i mentioned he hates Chivas USA. It would be like someone ask me to say something nice about the galaxy. It’s just not going to happen lol

  • Joseph D’Hippolito

    Josie, you know why Lalas gets asked these questions. He’s glib and he’s on the West Coast, which means he (supposedly) knows about MLS on the West Coast. Of course, if he really knew anything about soccer management, three different teams (two of them in the league’s biggest markets) wouldn’t have dumped his sorry posterior in the street, but that’s another issue for another day.