Landon Donovan Reacts to World Cup Draw

Here are a couple of quotes from today’s conference call:

*On playing England –

“They’re physical, they’re big and they’re used to playing the game at a very high pace … The game is going to favor them because they’re used to making decisions under those circumstances … Are we talented as England? Probably not. But we think on any given day we have a chance to beat them.”

*On the assumption – and pressure – that has the U.S. advancing out of its group –

“The expectation level around the sports fans and the soccer fans is we have a good chance to advance …. Those of us who were around in 2006 – we have been waiting a long time for this opportunity. … Any time now that we don’t advance, we’re going to be disappointed.”

I am hoping to talk to LD one on one on the phone within the next hour. We’ll see if that happens.

Carlos Bocanegra just jumped on the call and I asked him about the different level of expectation from U.S. fans this time around compared to four years ago when most merely hoped the Americans could hang with the likes of Italy and the Czech Republic:

“To be fair maybe it’s our performances over the past few years — American fans think we should advance out of this group and I like that, I like that thinking. … That’s just something we’ve got to live with.”

More quotes and reaction here.


U.S. Coach Bob Bradley said today we should know the opponent for the by now traditional U.S. game at Home Depot Center “in the next few days.” He also said it wasn’t important that the opponent be from Eastern Europe or North Africa given the World Cup draw because the players in the January camp will be very different from those he will take to South Africa.

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    “it wasn’t important that the opponent be from Eastern Europe or North Africa”

    … in other words: we will be playing against a Scandinavian team as usual.

    Also, how about the date? When did the US National team book the HDC?

  • No date set/confirmed yet.

  • RRR

    This paper has TWO of the world cup stars playing locally, and the only write up is from AP? That’s disappointing.
    Thanks for the blog though Nick…