Chivas USA and Galaxy Tracking Ecuadorian Defender

100 Percent Soccer has learned that both clubs have DVD’s of central defender Jorge Guaga, 28, who has made 38 international appearances for the national team and made 224 appearances over the last 10 years while scoring 13 goals for the likes of El Nacional, Coln, Emelec and Barcelona (not that one).

Guaga’s preference is to play in Southern California because of the large Ecuadorian population here.

Wanna see what Bruce Arena and Martin Vasquez are watching? Check this out:

Both Chivas USA and the Galaxy could perhaps do with a new central defender for next season, but Latin American defenders haven’t fared as well here as midfielders or forwards.

Guaga is the second Ecuadorian reportedly linked to MLS in recent days. Edwin Tenorio, a defensive midfielder who played in the last two World Cups for Ecuador, is also apparently being shopped around the league, according to the Soccer Insider blog.

BTW, I spoke with a Chivas USA official today regarding the latest reports (stop me if you’ve heard this one before) that Jaguares striker Adolfo “Bofo” Bautista, sought by CD Guadalajara, could instead head to MLS, specifically Chivas USA.

Take this one one with a large grain of salt, I was told. It all could be part of the effort to up Bautista’s price under the gentlemen’s agreement between Mexican clubs that call for a transfer fee for a player even if he is out of contract (as Bautista is). One report has Chivas offering $1.5 million, while Jaguares want $2.6 million.

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  • The Wolf

    “Latin American defenders haven’t fared as well here as midfielders or forwards.”
    Really Nick?
    Ever heard of Jamison Olave, Jon Kennedy Hurtado, or Wilman Conde?

  • Nardi Bruno

    To the Coach of USA soccer team.

    Dear Sir:
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    The historical European teams of Pot-1 were not drawed for the assignment of the matches because odds are that the wolves would prevail on the chickens therefore FIFA increased the overall possibility that the world cup would and the $30 millions prize be remaining among the historical strong seeded teams of Pot-1.
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    All teams outsite Pot-1 should take FIFA and together with FIFA, all teams that benefited by the scam in court.
    Primarly this should be done in order to prevent FIFA to dishonestly to manipulated the future world cup draws and correct what went wrong in the 2010 current draw.
    Bruno Nardi


    … somebody’s not happy about there team’s group….

    Bruno, just to let you know, none of the world cups has used random seeding:

  • Tacoma

    Seattle have picked up a couple of defenders from Latin America that have done quite well so far: Jhon Kennedy Hurtado and Leo Gonzalez.