Tuesday’s Column: Martin is the Man for Chivas USA

As I indicated Monday I chatted with the fifth Chivas USA coach in franchise history for today’s column in what I believe was the first in depth interview Martin Vasquez has given since taking the post.

We learned nothing too revealing frankly, but that’s about what one might expect from a club that is managed conservatively by (left to right below) Stephen Hamilton, Shawn Hunter and Antonio Cue.

i-95315a0b53e9bd8dd3b46521a56f611e-martinjeersey0002.jpgPhoto by Juan Miranda /Chivas USA.

There has been a largely muted reaction from Chivas USA fans regarding the hiring of Vasquez. Feel free to leave a comment below. Did fans want a bigger name to make a bolder statement or was the appointment of Vasquez apt?

And you can read the column here.

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  • KingSnake

    It’s MLS: Signing bold names (especially as manager) tends to result in bold disasters. Just ask the team down the hallway …

  • trickhog

    Was Antonio Cue so excited about this signing that he pissed on himself?

  • Iono

    “Humble, unassuming and soft-spoken, much like the character of the organization he now works for…”

    While the description may be true of Martin Vasquez, it says nothing about Chivas USA. They lost me at “Goodbye soccer, futbol is here.”

    Which is neither unassuming or soft-spoken.

  • KingSnake

    But David Beckham and his tighty-whities, that sold you?

  • Iono

    Funny thing happened. I got into the league just as chivas was coming into the fold though i had no affiliation. Their ‘we’re going to play only mexicans’ attitude really pushed me away. And even though I’m not happy with Beckham, I’d sided with the galaxy 2 years before he arrived. Even if beckham had upset me enough, i don’t think i would’ev gone to chivas. looking at what happened this week (chivas uSA wanted bofo, and chivas guadalajara took him) it’s clear how it’s not even a real team. always going to be “not the real chivas”.