Soccer City Opens in Torrance

This is a stunning venue, BTW.

There’s nothing else like it in Southern California.

i-b9b8a798dfb284cd836026f999c5b870-soccercity0002.jpgPhoto by Scott Varley

Check it out.

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    I thought indoor soccer had walls? I guess futsol is different…

  • PocketKings

    I really hope this catches on and we do see more of these facilities throughout Southern California. Any chance these guys can open one in Lakewood (91 and 605 fwys… very accessible).

  • Studs Up

    This is a distraction away from outdoor soccer. Turn your kids loose in a park and have them run around the trees and garbage cans with the ball. Much better for them and a lot cheaper. Beach is also a good option.

  • The facility looks great,but without actually knowing how to play the game or with nobody with the proper knowledge how to teach the game correctly, you can have Futsal balls, courts and goals, and people playing will never excel without having somebody to actually teach the tricks this unique game brings. Regarding to the comments above, Indoor soccer is one game, FUTSAL is something totally different. Pocket Kings…King Indoor Futsal is off the 91 on Lakewood Blvd inside the Hollywood Sports Park 9030 Somerset Blvd Bellflower CA. Call Futsal a distraction to the outdoor soccer and whatever else he or she said…I must respect his or her views regarding to the direct relationship related to Futsal-Soccer with Futsal coming first!!! Best wishes to you all,

  • Studs Up

    Even team handball is more exciting than this non-sense.