No column Tuesday.

I took Monday off.

And although the result of the poll asking readers to pick the year’s most influential soccer figure in Southern California seems a foregone conclusion, I’m extending the voting period through New Year’s Day to give those preoccupied with the holidays an opportunity to vote.

Cast your vote here.

To make up for the lack of a column check out this YouTube video of some of soccer’s silliest moments of 2009 (viewer discretion advised due to the nature of some songs on the soundtrack, BTW):

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  • Studs Up

    Happy New Year All..

    Hilarius video, funnier than some of your columns Nick..

    Great goal celebration around 4:50 mark when the guys decks his teammates…

    PS – Nick, some of your video links start playing autamactically which is a bit distracting. Give you until next year to fix it.

  • Nick Green

    Yeah, that’s the U.S. Soccer link of Landon and I agree it’s annoying. I think the problem will be solved once the post moves off the main page. If not I’ll delete it.