Stupid Beckham Tricks

i-b2746aecaf63485d942813cae71a76ee-Beckhammoreshorts.jpgSorry, couldn’t resist the story below. And if Beckham insists on doing this sort of thing as he did in a game earlier this month against Juventus, who can blame excitable Italian women for, um, indiscriminately grabbing things. (AP Photo).

MILAN (AP) — An Italian television channel has apologized for a prank in which a female presenter attempted to grab David Beckham between the legs.

The AC Milan midfielder was visibly angered when Elena Di Cioccio, who fronts the popular show “Le Iene (The Hyenas)” on Italia Uno, made her move while the soccer player was being interviewed by another person Wednesday.

Security immediately hustled the 34-year-old Beckham into a nearby hotel.

Beckham has started all three league matches for AC Milan in 2010 while on loan from the Galaxy and is expected to play in Sunday’s derby against Inter Milan.

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  • klf

    Now THAT is the kind of soccer (un)coverage we’re talking about! (o;