U.S.-Honduras Postgame

U.S. 1 Honduras 3

How to sum this one up Saturday in Carson?

Here’s one way.

i-4a340bfc087af174bfb53a68eaa02b01-palacios0002.jpgIn general, there was way too much of this from Honduras and forward Jerry Palacios, seen here celebrating what was a sweetly taken second goal for the Central Americans (Photos by Steve McCrank).

And there was far too little of this
i-844fe1e061257406cd0f00a11f5a0bef-conorcasey0001.jpgfrom the likes of second half sub Conor Casey, seen here making one of very few U.S. efforts on goal (the U.S. finished the night with all of two shots on target).

Here’s another, from the always understated coach Bob Bradley:

“It wouldn’t be a game where we’re picking players who stood out.”

Um, no.

He called the passing “poor,” observed that the U.S. put itself in a “bad” position to start the game (joke your way out of that one, Jimmy Conrad) and that it was a “big task” for this particular group of (10) players to come back from behind.

And let’s face it, any game where your most effective offensive threat is central defender Clarence Goodson is not going to be remembered as a vintage attacking performance.

Here’s left winger Robbie Rogers, who moved to left back (a position he has practiced in the last few U.S. camps, BTW) when Jonny Bornstein moved into the middle after Conrad was sent off:

“I’m kind of bummed we started the year this way, but we’ll keep our heads up, we’ll keep moving forward.

“I thought we let them pass the ball, get a little bit too comfortable. It’s tough when you play a team who are good technically and tactically. They can move the ball around and you’re playing a man down.

Here’s Rogers on why he took the 35-40 yard shot that hit the post:

“(I) just felt it. (I’m) kinda mad it went the other way. Wish it would have hit the post and went in.”

Game story.

A wider view.

Check out Steve McCrank’s photo gallery from the game here.

By the way, was this not the best performance by former Galaxy forward Carlos Pavon at the HDC?

For a lot of these players it will be the last time we see them in a national team camp, if previous January camps are any guide.

But some who attended, like 35-year-old former Galaxy goalkeeper Kevin Hartman, back in camp for the first time since starting the first two games of 2006, at least had realistic goals while there:

“It was a great opportunity to stay in shape, stay sharp and get back in with the team. I was excited about it and had a great time.”

The Wizards open preseason training Monday. Hartman was off to make a phone call to see if he needed to be there right away.

Finally, I’ll leave you with this thought.

The new 2010 USMNT media guide was handed out before the game today. Among the player profiles (surprisingly) included: Schalke 04 midfielder Jermaine Jones. But it’s too late for him to make the roster given his recent injuries and the lack of USMNT games before Bradley names his World Cup squad. Isn’t it?

The U.S. regroups in Carson in early February with a camp before traveling to Florida for the Feb. 24 game against El Salvador.

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  • Did these run laps up and down the field for their lousiness last night? It’s a drag if they didn’t.

  • Nicole

    Just curious: Steve Davis said Jermaine Jones’ profile was not in the media guide. You said he is. So who got the wrong media guide?

  • Jones’ profile is on page 71 of the new 2010 media guide. I have no idea exactly what Mr. Davis is looking at to reach his conclusion.


    Doesn’t Palacios play for the Hotspurs? How did he make it to the game?

  • You’re thinking of Wilson Palacios. There are five Palacios brothers I was told; three players with the same surname – Carlos, Jerry and Johnny – were on the Honduran roster for the U.S. game. I believe Wilson, Jerry and Johnny are related, but Carlos isn’t.


    well now I feel worse. When they took Palacios out of the game, I told everyone in my group not to worry because US’s c-team is playing against EPL guys. Wow… the US was just playing miserably.

    Also, Nick did you have to sit in the same security lines us peons had to sit in? I took me 45-minutes to get through the front gate because so many Honduran fans were trying to get in without tickets. Ughh.. bring back the quiet, orderly Scandinavians… Though I have to admit the energy coming from the Honduran Fans was spectacular. That crowd of 18,000 was considerably louder than the 80,000 people who show up to UCLA football games.