Exclusive: Beckham Academy Closure Derails Canadian Soccer Team’s Dreams

In a follow-up to Sunday’s story about the unheralded closure of the David Beckam Academy in Carson comes word the shuttering was so quiet they weren’t even telling those who had registered for camp that it had closed.

Turns out they didn’t tell local hotels either: I received an e-mail from Natasha Hamilton, wife of the Lloyd Hamilton in the story Wednesday night, observing the Doubletree Hotel in Carson where they had booked rooms, was similarly unaware of the closure.

Yet, PR debacle aside, the termination of the David Beckham Academy is a loss to the South Bay (and wider) community as the following e-mail I received vividly illustrates:

To Nick:

Thank you for finally mentioning that the DBA had officially closed. I knew about this closure back in November. When I heard this news I was very devastated. One of the reasons is that the DBA had a School Outreach Program that provided, free of charge, soccer skills to public schools.

My school, Panorama City Elementary in Panorama City, was fortunate enough to be able to participate in it last year. We started to do it again this year. One group was able to experience it. But, the 2nd group wasn’t able to because the DBA closed a week prior to them coming out to our school again. The students at my school were extremely saddened by this news. They were looking forward in experiencing soccer with the DBA Coaches. The DBA coaches were excellent!

Last year, I even made a presentation board so that people in our district would see the great things that our students were doing in relation to sports. A lot of those people were very impressed. Our students learned a lot from the DBA coached about soccer and fitness/health in general. Too bad they won’t get to experience that again.

Well, at least some of our students had the chance last year, and this year. But, they will surely be missed. I hope that AEG has plans to still use the field as some type of academy. Perhaps they might be able to continue the School Outreach Program that was in place at the DBA.

Always in soccer,

Carlisa Perdomo

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  • Studs Up

    The closure of this “academy” is being treated as the greatest soccer, public and economic disaster of the century here. The poor little kids will be marked for life on missing out on a day off from school. The rich kids’ soccer skills will never develope so they have to go back to their video games. The growth of the sport of soccer has been irreparably damaged because Beckham’s silky smooth skills will not be taught to 20 kids.

    This is a major catasrophy…I ask for a national day of mourning.

  • Joseph D’Hippolito

    Studs Up, why don’t you take your sarcasm and use it as a suppository? The issue, as I’ve been arguing all along, is not whether a particular academy or particular team exists. The issue is AEG’s behavior.

    If Nick’s account is correct, then AEG never even bothered to notify one of the national team’s on this continent and the hotel at which it planned to stay! This goes beyond making a business decision to stop making a bad investment. This ventures far into the territory of narcissistic irresponsibility. AEG treats people like garbage; it doesn’t give a damn how its decisions affect other people. AEG is so narcissistic that it doesn’t even have the common courtesy to inform those affected by its decisions in a timely manner?

    You can whine about me being to utopian. Fine. I don’t think being considerate of others is utopian. I think it’s civilized.

    Then again, I read the article on my “hero.” Why should I expect Lie-weakly to be civilized when he looks like a freaking caveman?

  • Joseph D’Hippolito

    OK, I was dead wrong about a major national team; it was a U-12 team from Calgary. Nevertheless, AEG’s behavior can only be described as abominable.

    AEG. Arrogance. Evil. Greed. Live it. Hate it. Fight it.

  • Studs Up

    Dear Pulitzer guy,

    This is the second time today you have used the word suppository in your comments. Should I assume that stems from your persistant use of it after gobbling up too much free stadium food in pursuit of your next publishing assignment? You must cut back, it’s not good for you.

  • Joseph D’Hippolito

    Studs Up, I remember you once saying that you go “studs up” against anyone who issues personal attacks. Since you are engaging in such, do you plan to do a full Danny Pena (or Ron Harris or Matt McKeon) on yourself?

  • Studs Up

    Pulitzer Phony,

    You fired the first salvo above and desevere to be Studs Upped, two-footed style. You are an inherently vulgar person and repressed enough to resort to profanity in response. You lack professional ethics in your continual name-calling and character assisination of people behind their back which infuriorates me more than the context of your rants. I have no desire to be addressed by you any more.

    I vote for you to be banned from this blog.

  • Josepoh D’Hippolito

    Whatever, Studs Up. Have a nice day….