Chivas Trademark Clash

This legal battle doesn’t affect Chivas USA, BTW.

This is the clearest explanation of this complex issue I’ve yet seen (a story earlier this week that appeared translated from Spanish was virtually unintelligible), although the ramifications of this courtroom squabble isn’t spelled out in this story either.

But, for what it’s worth, here’s the story:

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Owners past and present of Mexican side Chivas Guadalajara are engaged in a legal battle over the rights to use the club’s name and trademarks.

An administrative court has ruled in favor of a group of former owners and has asked a federal court to follow its guidelines.

However, current owner Jorge Vergara, who bought the club in 2002 and changed its legal name, has said he retains ownership of the name and trademarks of the Chivas brand.

The complex case is likely to go to a higher court or be resolved in an agreement between the sides.

Former president Francisco Cardenas is arguing that the club’s trademark still belongs to Club Deportivo Guadalajara AC. When Vergara bought the club, he changed its name to Club Deportivo Guadalajara SA de CV.

Vergera’s lawyer, Leticia Ruiz, said the case brought by some of the former owners amounted to a publicity stunt.

“There will be no real legal ramifications,” Ruiz said. “We will continue to use our
trademarks and nobody has the right to ask us to do otherwise.”

Major League Soccer spokesman Dan Courtemanche said the case does not apply to Chivas USA.

“Chivas USA has protected its brand in the United States and Canada and is not involved with any of the legal proceedings in Mexico,” Courtemanche said.

Glad that’s cleared up, then.

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  • Thanks for the first clear explanation of what this case is about, I have been looking for the past week or so. The former owners case just seems to be without merit but I guess only the courts can decide that.

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  • DirtyDefender

    Of course Chivas USA “protected” their brand in the US and Canada by filing for a trademark, and of course they’re not involved with any of the legal proceedings in Mexico…

    Not yet anyway.

    From my understanding of things, they have to get things sorted out in Mexico before they can ask for other countries to honour copyrights.