A few words with USMNT striker Brian Ching & More

I chatted (briefly) to USMNT striker Brian Ching just as the team broke camp this weekend at Home Depot Center.

Question: How are you approaching this camp in a World Cup year when you are probably one of those players on the bubble to make the squad?
Answer: Any time you come into a camp where you’re going to play a game for the national team you’re always kind of being evaluated and judged. This camp is no different. Yes, it is a World Cup year, but I think throughout this camp I wanted to kind of get back into shape, get back into soccer fitness. And I felt that I did that – I’m coming together slowly – I don’t think I’m exactly where I want to be just yet, but I’m hoping I get there by the beginning of our season first of all and then carry that through to the World Cup.

Q: What do you think you need to do to make the World Cup squad?
A: Score goals. Do the things I do, well. Help the team win. For me the biggest thing is not to try to do too much. Play within my means. Work hard both offensively and defensively, create chances and score goals. It’s simple to say that and it basically comes down to that.

Q: How are you feeling physically?
A: I’d say I’m 75 to 80 percent. I’m getting closer (to match fitness). This camp really helped me out. The off-season this year was great for me. It gave me a long break and I kind of got that hunger and desire back, because that was a long couple of years with not much rest. … I needed that little bit much longer of a break from soccer. And I used that time to work out with a buddy at a gym, try to get a litlte bit quicker, a little bit stronger, prepare my body for this year and a World Cup.


*Rolling Hills Estates’ Robbie Rogers has the quote of the week:

“My dad doesn’t know a thing about soccer and he’s never played a minute in his life, but using my left foot was one thing he always wanted me to work on. We’d go to the park and he would just throw the ball to me and I’d use only my left foot.”


Complete interview here.

*Much more about Galaxy training Monday than you ever wanted to know.

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  • Studs Up

    Ching’s only admirable asset to the national team is as a punching bag for other teams. Skills: non-existant.

  • PZ

    Robbie’s dad was on to something. Being able to use both feet is something a lot of top players lack.

  • I’m really looking forward to all the MLS presence on Wednesday. I’m betting they’ll play with intensity to earn a spot for the World Cup. Also ready for Ching to prove that 1st commenter wrong!

  • JBT

    Ching has worked real hard to make himself a decent player, but he lacks the nose for the net. He misses far too many sure Goals to be a World Cup Striker. Maybe keep him around as a reserve Midfielder, but I just don’t think he is capable of contributing on the International Level…

  • Studs Up

    Dear 3rd commentator from above:

    Ching can be effective in some situations or against some types of opponents. He has very good upper body strength and is not affraid of body contact. He has a good temprement which means he draws a lot of fouls without retaliating. Ask him and he’ll tell you that is what he means by playing “within his limits”. Those attributes may be beneficial in dog days of qualifying in the sub-par fields of CONCACAF countries but not at the World Cup finals stage when you have to prove your worth with your skills.