Tuesday’s Column: Galaxy’s Buddle and Chivas USA’s Galindo can smile again

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Bonus quotes

Here’s Buddle on his perspective on last season considering the Galaxy were winning without him:

“It was kind of bittersweet .. Last year I did a lot of dirty things – dirty running we call it, to position myself, to win second balls, to hold the ball up so other players can run on. I just had to take the bitter with the sweet; I’ll take the wins over the goals. .. In the past I’ve probably been a little more selfish, wanting to score goals, but now I put the team first and I appreciate that concept of the game more.”

And Buddle said he’ll start smiling more soon anyway:

“I’ve always been quiet, more reserved, maybe I’m trying to hide the braces and stuff. I get them off next week so hopefully I’ll look a little bit more excited.”

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  • Studs Up

    We need Edson back in form bad. We’re pretty thin on top even with him at 100%. The 2 preseason games coming up will be a pretty good indication of things to come.

    Any final word on poor Alecko’s status. That damn game with Barcelona took both of these guys away from us for a long time. Shame.

  • Alecko’s status should be clarified this week, club officials said Monday (although that’s also what they said a week or two ago). The Galaxy is just waiting for the league to sign off on what they want to do.