Galaxy-Revolution postgame

Galaxy 1 New England Revolution 0

Technical difficulties will force me to cut this short tonight.

Here’s the game story.


The guys for the most part were pretty solid, but we could have been better and I’m a little disappointed we didn’t get the second goal,” said Galaxy Coach Bruce Arena.

Here’s the reaction of New England Coach Steve Nichol to the loss:

“The one thing we said at halftime was we needed to believe in what we were doing. The inexperience we had tonight kind of manifested itself in the first half; we were timid and unsure.”

New England finished with just one shot on target; the Galaxy had three.

Quote of the night went to Edson Buddle when he was asked what his assessment of the Brazilian trio of new Galaxy players was.

“Well, they’re from Brazil,” he said as reporters dissolved into laughter.

Buddle, who only got his braces off his teeth a couple of weeks ago after wearing them since arriving at the Galaxy, took an elbow to the bottom front teeth from Pat Phelan in the 70th minute.

He was not pleased and required emergency dental work from the team dentist before addressing the waiting media.

“You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do to win,” he said to laughter.

Attendance: 21,376.

Next: Chivas USA 8 p.m. Thursday.

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  • Steven Burke

    The quality of soccer during the Galaxy opener was so poor it was really hard to watch. So many passes were just kicked out of bounds due to poor execution. It’s apparent that the players have spent most of there time working on their new contract, and not practicing soccer. Bad soccer

  • Studs Up

    Agreed, very poor performance by LA. I was expecting a lot more build up from the back with Leonardo in the line up but he has learned his MLS lessons quickly and was wildly booting the ball mostly out of bounds to keep up with the Ricketts Rockets to Nowhere. Alex (I refuse to call him Cazumba) was equally in-effective and was made to look bad with the horrible Donovan pass near the end. Juninho was spending a lots of time watching long balls sail over his head making him wonder why he was out there. Donovan was rendered useless as well with the arial assults. How can take your best players that need to see the ball a lot out of the game with these stupid tactics Bruce?

    None of the astute media pundits have given any profs to Kovalenko for one his best performances in the LA uniform. He was the only one who actually kept the ball and tried to break down the Revs blockade with some success. We were marvelling in the stands on how he was the most fouled Galaxy player even to the point that he drew a yellow card against a Rev player.

    Buddle was just Buddle. Left unmarked for a free header at the start of the game but spent the rest of the night glued to the ground. His vertical leap can’t be more than six inches and the dude does not MOVE to draw a pass if his life depended on it. Magee does not deserve a comment, period.

    Best part of the game: the free meal coupon from El Pollo Campero.

  • want to watch good futbol? don’t watch MLS.

    watching MLS = watching little league baseball

    no scratch that – at least i watch the little league world series – MLS is as exciting as watching paint dry.

    NICK – how bout Euro coverage or something us fans would enjoy reading every week? even Mexican league is better and more followed here in SoCal – how about the four semi-finalists for CONCACAF Champions League all hail from Mexico… or follow the Americans abroad each week and let us know how they’re doing?… or start your World Cup ramblings – tons of great stuff already going on – new Ivory Coast coach, Dunga not taking Dinho to Copa, etc


  • Studs Up


    You and people like you are part of the reason this game is not progressing the way it should in this country with your snobbish attitudes. Watching foreign teams don’t do anything for the game here. You need to go to the games and support your local teams. Help them posper then demand the better product.

    If you not willing to that then your comments aren’t worth a damn.

    Go MLS.

  • Inigo Montoya

    Like Studs Up said.

    It was a beautiful night at the Home Depot Center Saturday. Come on over Thursday for the home & home. Might be chilly & damp, but it’s a fun crowd.