Tuesday’s Column: The Edson Buddle, Herculez Gomez World Cup question

i-df9be8f44045f42219f8cf364bc40374-edsonheaderrevs.jpgEdson Buddle: heading to the World Cup? (AP Photo).

Should in form Galaxy striker Edson Buddle be given a chance to make Bob Bradley’s World Cup squad?

What about former Galaxy striker Herculez Gomez, who is tied for the scoring lead in Mexico?

i-92f08227a813d1c4d0126afec974160d-gomez.jpgHercules Gomez, left, made his Puebla debut in Carson during InterLiga against Monterrey in January. (AP Photo)

Read the column.

Then take the poll:

For the May national team camp ahead of selecting his World Cup roster U.S. Coach Bob Bradley should call in:
Edson Buddle
Herculez Gomez
Both players
Neither player
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Feel free to explain the reasoning behind your vote.

More from Gomez here.

And let’s do a little video review:

Buddle 2 Real Salt Lake 1 Saturday in Carson:

And here’s a recap of the goals of Herculez Gomez in Mexico:


True Locker Room Reaction #1 (and a correction)

Funny thing. When I asked Landon Donovan after last weekend’s game about how an in form (or recently discovered) player coming from out of the blue to claim a World Cup spot can affect the national team I mentioned the experience of David Regis in 1998. Donovan corrected me, saying that occurred in 2002 (I just listened to the recording again).

I was pretty sure Donovan was wrong, but thought it prudent to check. So I did. He was wrong. It was 1998 when Coach Steve Sampson discovered Regis and drafted him in at the expense of Jeff Agoos. (Regis also made the 2002 squad, but didn’t play). So then I wrote the column and inexplicably wrote 2002 instead of 1998. Go figure.

Thanks to alert reader Taylor Canel for pointing out the error/typo.

True Locker Room Reaction #2

Which reminded me that I asked Buddle after his two-goal performance what the first thing was Bruce Arena said to him after the game, expecting it to be some recognition of his scoring streak. Buddle replied that Arena told him he was fined $100 for missing the post-game meeting in the locker room. Buddle was signing autographs for the crowd. That will keep you grounded.

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  • Studs Up

    Gotta bring them both in for a look-see. I give the nod to Buddle given his longer success rate in the league with the added advange of size and temprement. There are aspects of his game that leaves one wanting more but we don’t have much choice.

    Love Herc’s intensity and passion but he needs a bit more experience to be relied on at the World Cup stage. He should be considered strongley for the next cycle for sure.

  • Jason D

    both players deserve a look they have been playing really well and it would be a shame if they didn’t get a look at for this years world cup since we do have some injuries up top.

    both players have played along Landon and have had success with Landon playing behind them or beside them up top which could be beneficial if either one gets called up to play for the national team because chemistry is there already.

    the better and better these two play, it just makes sense to give them a look and not leave USA fans wondering “what if” with our options at forward.

  • PZ

    More than any other position, ya gotta take strikers who are ‘hot’. now that it’s looking less likely that davis is gonna be ready, someone hasta fill that spot. Bradley would be making a huge mistake if he doesn’t at least call both in to see how they work. At this point, I can think of a better striker to put up top right now than Edson. Herc wold be awesome right now off the bench….I can so see him getting a late winner vs. England…. forget Goal 1 through 3, Herc’s story would blow that away. šŸ˜‰