Chivas USA’s Sacha Kljestan as you’ve never seen him before

No, really.

This is American Soccer is one of the most literate blogs covering the sport. Unlike those of us who whip off a couple of snarky comments while linking to a grab bag of different stories, (ahem) blogger Adam Spangler takes a different approach.

He takes the time to delve into issues in depth, providing much-needed context and shedding light on little-known facets of familiar subjects.

This is true of Spangler’s profile of Kljestan, the Huntington Beach product who is a Chivas USA midfield fixture.

I know Kljestan reasonably well, but chatting with him on a regular basis after training or in the locker room after games is no substitute for hanging out with him, his family and friends at length.

The first part of what is apparently a multi-part profile of Kljestan went up on Spangler’s blog today.

And it’s well worth a read; for more, click here.

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